Nokian Powerproof SUV and Wetproof SUV tires - next summer is definitely coming

The last days of late summer beckon, perhaps one last time this year to feel the feeling of freedom and adventure on the winding asphalt strip. So that it doesn't really turn out to be a final drive, you have to be able to rely on your tires. The Finnish tire manufacturer Nokian knows how summer tires work reliably from the first fresh spring morning to the last thunderstorm evening in late autumn. Slippery autumn leaves or curbs should not be an obstacle, especially for the popular, but basically heavy SUV. That is why the Finns are the first tire manufacturer in the world to use aramid fibers in rubber for the manufacture of SUV tires, which stabilizes the side walls. Aramid fabrics are characterized by their very high strength and high impact strength, and they are also heat and fire resistant. Aramids were originally used in bulletproof vests or for vehicle armor, but now they are found in airplanes and woven into motorcycle jeans. And in the SUV tires “Made in Finland”, which are marked with the aramid logo on the side wall.

Our author at the tire test

From 2020, Nokian will also be mass-producing tires in the USA 

With an 120 company history, Nokian Tires is one of the most traditional Premium tire manufacturers. In 1932 the production of tires for passenger cars began, in 1934 the Finns invented winter tires. The tires, which are available practically all over the world, are produced in a plant in Nokia, Finland, and one near Saint Petersburg, the largest tire plant in Russia and, according to Nokian, the second largest in the world. Starting next year, the third tire plant in Dayton, Tennessee, USA, will begin regular series production. Sales in the USA are expected to double by 2023. In Central Europe too, Nokian, for which original equipment is not a cornerstone of the growth strategy according to its own statements, now wants to really accelerate after declining sales in the first half of 2019. With the new "Powerproof" for large SUVs and "Wetproof" tires for medium-sized SUVs and crossover models, the Finns are ringing in a new era for summer tires, which should be the basis for a 50 percent increase in sales.  

Aramid fibers in the sidewalls make tires more resistant

“The use of aramid-reinforced side walls offers a clear additional benefit. The tires are more resistant to wear and cuts. They withstand bumps and bruises better, which prevents damage, for example, from potholes or sharp stones, but also from careless parking on a curb, ”emphasizes Jarno Röytio, Manager Product Development at Nokian Tires. "" Our new "Powerproof" SUV helps to ensure safety in the event of quick lane changes and sudden braking maneuvers, the new "Wetproof" offers improved wet braking behavior and reinforces aqua-planing protection, "Röytio continues. “Both new tires have the concept of double safety zones familiar from the car models. The power zone on the outer shoulder ensures precise control on dry asphalt with robust tread blocks and angled grille design, even at high speeds. The wet safety zone on the inside of the tire maximizes safety on wet roads. "

The Powerproof SUV impresses with good adhesion and low rolling noise 

In Seefeld, Austria, Nokian, translated: "the ones from Nokia", made the two new summer tires, mounted on Mercedes-Benz GLC vehicles, available for test drives. Both tire models have been tested by TÜV Süd and focus above all on safe and predictable driving behavior. The new generation of Powerproof SUV tires in the UHP category (Ultra High Performance) was developed together with Formula 1 world champion Mika Häkkinen. While high-performance tires usually show deficits on wet roads, the Powerproof benefits from the wet safety zone. On the approximately 100 km long test track, the compact SUV demonstrated good grip on a dry track. With a steering precision that is almost as high as that of a car, tight bends can be circled well and spontaneous overtaking maneuvers can be completed without hesitation. The rolling noise of the summer tire specially developed by the Finns for driving an SUV on European highways was kept within limits. The new clinch rubber compound not only reduces external noises, but also those inside and should also help the tire to have a longer service life. The multi-layer tread structure also reduces rolling resistance and thus helps to save fuel. 

Good wet braking behavior and reliable wet grip in the wetproof SUV

Just in time for the change to the GLC with the new wetproof SUV summer tires for small and medium-sized SUVs, drizzle set in. There was still no question of aquaplaning, the moment when a tire encounters more water than it can divert. But when a cow suddenly stands on the road behind a bend, we come to a stop quickly and reliably despite the wet road. In addition to the good wet braking behavior of the Wetproof SUV, spherical depressions ensure optimized water drainage and the Aqua Hybrid SUV rubber compound ensures a reliable wet grip and lower fuel costs.

The Nokian Powerproof SUV is available in 29 sizes from 17 inches to 21 inches with speed indices V (240 km / h), W (270 km / h) and Y (300 km / h)

The Nokian Wetproof SUV is offered in the speed indices H (210 km / h) and W (270 km / h). The choice of tire sizes includes 27 products in sizes 16 - 19 inches. 

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