Rinspeed Budii: The automotive buddy

The Swiss vehicle developer Rinspeed shows his idea of ​​future individual mobility with the Budii at the Geneva Salon (March 5 to 15). The prototype based on the electrically powered BMW i3 wants to become a good friend of the owner with all sorts of technology.

The Budii can take the wheel and relieve the driver of annoying or strenuous everyday journeys. If the driver wants the command back on country roads or off-road, the steering wheel is placed in front of him. Thanks to "drive by wire" technology, the steering can alternatively also be operated from the passenger seat. Steers the vehicle itself, the steering column disappears in the middle or can also be used as a storage table, for example.


The Rinspeed Budii is operated with the help of an infotainment system from Harman. The touchscreen has entertainment, security and service functions and its size fills almost the entire center console. The Budii is capable of learning and quickly adapts to the habits and preferences of its passenger. This reduces the necessary operating steps to a minimum. They can also network with other vehicles, pay for the parking ticket or charge their cell phones.


"In the future, the car will do the same as we do: it will learn something new every day and thus master the complex requirements of modern private transport ever better," said the head of the Swiss automotive think tank Rinspeed. Budii will take into account information from its environment and its "own" experiences as well as that of other vehicles along its route. The result is a cognitive and intuitive autopilot.

Author: Adele Moser / SP-X

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