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Completely empty, but that was to be expected. Ever since I got back from this road trip, I've been wondering - what's next? Nothing can come after this road trip. That this road trip would go beyond all limits was clear after the planning was done.


We wanted to set off in two teams, one from Hamburg, the other from Frankfurt and the plan was to travel to the “Centro di motori” on Monday. For the team from Hamburg that would have been a distance of 1.300 kilometers - the choice of vehicle for this road trip within the road trip was accordingly successful:

Bentley Continental GTC V8

Bentley GTC Roadtrip Start
Photo: Camillo Arrow

The second team wanted to start directly in Frankfurt after Team 1, coming from Hamburg, had already had the first “stint” behind them. Together they should fly over the German highways in the direction of the North Italian plateau and down into the Po Valley around Emilia Romana.

The travel agent of choice for the second team has been given a big star:

Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake

CLS 63 AMG drift

The beautiful and the dynamic - the Brit and the Swabian - the convertible and the station wagon. No matter how you would call this combination of two extraordinary and extraordinary vehicles, traveling alone with these two automotive benchmarks would have been worth a special story. But much more was on the plan:

Monday: The arrival. Tuesday the visit of the Ferrari factory, the department for classic Ferrari and test drives in the Ferrari FF and the California. Wednesday: Visit to the manufactory of Pagani and test drive with the Huayra. Thursday: Visit to the Lamborghini factory, the Lamborghini Museum and test drive with the two current Lamborghini models, the Aventador and the Gallardo. As the icing on the cake, sniffing the carburetor mix of the very first Lamborghini Countach “ever” - The Countach Numero Uno.  On Friday it should just be easy - it is difficult to go back home after this planning.


I had it in mine Announcement for this trip already written, such a 5-day trip is not feasible without a partner. Special thanks go to the tire manufacturer Pirelliwho supported my idea from the first to the last day of planning and was always ready to answer any questions. Later I added: The Mobile service provider Vodafone me already at the two Roadtrips with Citroën and Porsche last year supported and brand new, the Fuel Supplier: Shell.

The partners of the road trip
The partners of the road trip

Planning in Italian

A few hours before the trip, it was clear: not everything can be planned. A phone call from Pagani disrupted all planning. The Huayra and Mr. Pagani himself were no longer available on Wednesday - a laconic: "Something has come in between“, Led me to the verge of a nervous breakdown. Hotels were booked. Cars organized for the trip. And Fabian He had even convinced his girlfriend that he would not be home on his birthday.

A date shift was also no longer in question for Ferrari and Lamborghini and so we sought a solution. In the end, it was clear that we had to be in Modena on Monday against 13h, we wanted to visit the factory of Pagani and at least test a Zonda C12.

The night from Sunday to Monday ended for me, a few hours after I had gone to bed and brought only little sleep. Too big was the excitement. At night to bring 1 the CLS 63 AMG to life, a pleasure that my neighbors probably could not share at this time. To pupertär and urgently the V8 spits his joie de vivre from the four exhaust pipes shortly after to fall into a babbling idle.

CLS 63 Gotthard Pass

In 8 hours from Frankfurt to Modena

The short night hours between Frankfurt and the Swiss border lose their charm - the CLS lets its V8 growl discreetly between agent combinations, construction sites and speed limits for only brief moments to the 557 hp beast that it is. What a beast the CLS really is, it should show in the coming days.

The sunrise within the Swiss national borders is accompanied by the sovereign bubbling of the Shooting Brake with cruise control 120. The massage seats knead the back muscles and the pilot at the Volant cursed the speed limit.

Monday 13pm - the date is right!

CLS in front of the Pagani house

Quite easy and with enough time buffer on Monday afternoon at 13h already begins one of the highlights of the trip: PAGANI. Who calls Pagani an automobile manufacturer, sees in BigMäc probably the culmination of the fresh kitchen.



There will be a separate article about the manufacture, the connection of art, culture and technology at Pagani. Likewise about the test drive in Pagani number 3 - a test vehicle with more than 1 million kilometers on the carbon body. At the wheel, none other than the Pagani test driver: Testi. However, parts of the video from this test drive will disappear into the archive forever. Better is this.

Pagani test driver Testi

How a 730 PS strong Zonda C12 drives without ABS and ESP - I will also describe in a separate article.

Zonda C12 petrol pump


Experiences of a special kind

You can travel from the north to the south on various routes. While Fabian and I had chosen the route through Switzerland and the Gotthard Pass very early in the night, Camillo and Ralf drove the Bentley over the Stilfser Joch, among other places. To glide through this picturesque landscape with the open British and 507 hp - that was probably a halfway digestible replacement for the full throttle festival that Fabian and I were already celebrating at Pagani at that time.

Bentley at the snow line
Photo: Camillo Arrow

For the first day of the Bentley Boys' Road Trip, check out the pages of Ralf and give Camillo an impression!

While I sort my impressions and find the right pictures, you can drop by the three colleagues and soon read more about me. About the Ferrari FF. About Lamborghinis Museum. The Pagani factory and and and and ...


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