Sachsen Classic: Tag 2- Parole: persevere!

After the prologue and the first day of driving with 56th place in the overall ranking are so far behind us, it starts early on Friday. At 8.01 the 180-strong rally coach starts again in Zwickau on the “Platz der Völkerfreundschaft”. Our start time is 8.27 a.m. Hermann already worked on all the special stages in the road book the evening before and calculated the times, distance and braking points. As the person responsible for overall vehicle development at Volkswagen, Hermann Dreyer is familiar with numbers and explains to me where I should best brake and accelerate.

Sounds simple, but in practice, if you have no practice, turns out to be difficult. In the morning I started thinking, our 56. To further expand space and "at least" to drive into the Top 50. After the first three special stages, this endeavor has quickly done. It is not Hermann, he is an excellent co-driver, has the clock in view and quietly and constantly counts down the time.
While on the first day of my very first Oldtimerrallye so that was that most of the time I had still left track, while Hermann was already done with the counting, today I wanted to try a new system, which I have copied from the more experienced participants. Actually too fast in the special stage, in order to slowly roll up to the light barrier at the end. Class System, except that in my first attempts I probably took it too fast, that this time I was standing in front of the light barrier, while Hermann was still counting hard. In the afternoon, the heat is added, which then causes a kind of lack of concentration. For this we completely missed the two "secret" special stages. These are a kind of "nice nastiness" of the organizer, usually two tests per day to install, on which one can not prepare. By the afternoon it was clear that my mishap removed us from the top 50 in the most brutal way and will land us on the results list in the evening, far behind 100.

2015 saxony classic 10

So we concentrate already during the drive on the wonderful landscape. Too bad that at the time there was no VW Golf Dynaudio sound system gave as it is available today. For leisurely travels through the beautiful landscape would be great sounds from a sound system yet another plus point. At lunchtime Schloss Purschenstein forms the perfect setting for the many pre-war classic cars. These had to fight even more on one of the hottest days with temperatures close to the 40 degree than we did. In the VW Rally Golf from the year 1990 we drive without climate, but the technology has less problems with the temperatures than the vintage class.

Until the afternoon and a short visit to the Glashütte Watch Museum of the timepiece sponsor "Union Glashütte", we have cooked several times. But the "pleasant exertions" are forgotten as we arrive at the finish on the Dresden Augustus Bridge. The Dresdner Stadtfest also starts this evening, and thus probably more people than usual appear and form a broad palate up to the finish ramp.

"The German Mille Miglia" is also called the "Sachsen Classic". Here one knows why and the next day this impression should become even stronger. But now Hermann and I are glad to have arrived. Time for check-in at the hotel and a refreshing shower.



[= ””] Text: Bernd Schweickard | © Photo: Uli Sonntag for VW, Bernd Schweickard

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