Saturday morning mashup

It's Saturday and it's early - time for Formula One from Suzuka. Vettel will secure his 1nd World Champion title this weekend. It should be really strange if not.

While the qualifying is running, here are a few videos put together, which can drive the time until breakfast:

Video 1 - “The idiot who cleans a CLS350 with a steam jet. In the interior. "

Allegedly, the video is from Hungary, the license plates are EU-plates from Italy. Whatever the new owner has paid for his car to fix the water damage in the interior should not even be paid from the petty cash.

Video 2: "Advanced Parking."

I can understand the reaction at the end of the video - but of course I don't like it! What can the outside mirror do for this cramp?

Video 3: “The wonderful world of photo artists.”

A day in the life of a photographer from Parabolique on Vimeo.

After watching this video, you sell all of the photo manuals and only concentrate on using Photoshop. It is always impressive for me to see what real professionals do with Photoshop. Big cinema!

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