Sensation on the 1. April: MIELE and Nokia are working on an electric car!

Only common contemporaries would get the idea and claim that this Erlkönig would later have the same technology in the multimedia display of the on-board computer as the legendary Nokia 5110 cell phones. At this point, we can neither confirm nor deny whether or not. One thing is certain, this car will be a sensation. We have received exclusive information about a new global player in the e-mobility market!

This confirms that the German premium manufacturer of household appliances and the Finnish multimedia expert are working on a common electric vehicle!

The sensation of the upcoming IAA 2015:

The MIELE and NOKIA electric vehicle is coming !!!

The first photo of the future MIELE-NOKIA is still a computer graphic unmasked by our graphic artist, but should come very close to the finished electric vehicle. In the automotive scene there is talk of a new brand that will operate under the name: “MiKi”. In memory of the last great sales success of the Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia, the first automobile from the MIELE-Nokia cooperation is to be named “MiKi i6110”.

The premiere of the MiKi i6110 is expected for the IAA in autumn of that year. As Messe Frankfurt has confirmed, there is a stand for a manufacturer that has been booked through a Finnish company. However, the contact persons would have come from the MIELE headquarters in Gütersloh. Like together with "”And the“ ”found out that the MiKi i6110 will not be available as a concept vehicle at the IAA in autumn, but as an almost finished vehicle. The market launch of the new electric vehicle may already be celebrated at the IAA.

Miki i6610 Finished Gray

MIELE-NOKIA - MiKi i6110

Experts are not surprised by this cooperation. As a premium manufacturer of large household appliances, MIELE has an extremely high level of expertise in the field of electrical engineering. The electric motors in MIELE industrial washing machines are considered to be particularly durable, robust and powerful.

The drive technology of the MiKi i6110 will be based on electric motors from the Miele Professional series. The electric motor known as the FU drive is tested in the operation of the Miele Professional series for an operating time of 20 years. With this, the German manufacturer Miele smashes all doubts about the robustness of the drive system from the very first serve.

Four electric motors with 32 kW each will drive the MiKi i6110. The total output thus adds up to 128 kW. This puts the MiKi i6110 in a performance class with the BMW i3.

The range of the cooperation vehicle should be at least 600 kilometers and for the batteries, the cooperation from Miele and Nokia trusts the experience of the Finnish mobile communications specialist.

Not much has been known about the 400 volt electrical system of the MiKi i6110, but we suspect that the entire technology bears the stamp “made in Finland”. At this point in time, no one can say whether the cult game “Snake” will run on the multimedia system of the new top dog.

MIELE-NOKIA i6110 advantage

Both manufacturers are known for the robustness and efficiency of their products. Nokia phones were known for their classic design, robust technology and long battery life. The newly strengthened Finnish group wants to transfer these competencies to automotive technology. According to our information, the MiKi i6110 received a crash cell with the similar function of a smart.

So far, nothing has been known about the prices, delivery times and details of the equipment. Likewise, it is currently still questionable whether the new electric vehicle should be sold via Miele's existing distribution channels or the former Nokia sales channels. If this option is taken into account, the Miele and Nokia electric vehicle would be the electric vehicle that can be bought at electronics stores and chains such as Media Markt. The MiKi i6110 could then also be serviced by specially trained Miele sales representatives. The German premium manufacturer for large household appliances already has a very extensive fleet of service vehicles.


We look forward to the IAA in autumn 2015 and will then report live from the Miele Nokia booth on the latest developments in this exciting story!

Miki i6610 Finished Blue


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