Sergio Pininfarina died

It's a real shitty year. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Carroll Shelby and now Sergio Pininfarina - the list of automotive legends that passed away this year is getting longer.

Sergio Pininfarina passed away this Tuesday at the age of 85.

Sergio Pininfarina was the son of the company's founder “Battista Pinin Farina” and has been in charge of the Italian car body and design forge since the late 60s. The company has been run by one of the founder's grandchildren since 2008.

Pininfarina was responsible for many exciting models and dramatic design designs. Often Ferrari and Lancia vehicles were available as a base. In many cases, however, the craft of Sergio Pininfarina also went beyond the borders of Italy.

Pininfarina's last big hit was the Ferrari P4 / 5 Glickenhaus set up on a Ferrari platform, which took part in this year's 24-hour race at the Nürburgring.



Chuck Jordany, former head of design at General Motors, about Sergio Pininfarina: “As the conductor of a large orchestra, Sergio determines the beat, rhythm and interpretation. His philosophy and personality are reflected in every Pininfarina creation, and this proves the enduring quality of his company's designs. ”

Sergio Pininfarina would be on 8. September 86 years old.


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