Service: Tire check before the holiday is not forgotten!

Tire service: Don't forget the safety check before you go on holiday

Every year around 19 million Germans go on vacation by car - a safety check in advance of the journey ensures a good feeling. This also includes the tires: a wheel, i.e. a rim with tires, is just as heavy as an elementary school child and carries a station wagon or an SUV with the other three tires. Each bike quickly adds up to 500 kilograms in weight. For the only contact between the automobile and the road, this means a real top performance. Every car driver should look at his tires before going on holiday, at least briefly! Premium tires should also be checked briefly!

Principle 1: summer tires in summer

Do you have moonboots in the summer? - Probably not. That's why you should now be on the road with summer tires and not with winter tires. Summer tires are matched to the high temperatures and their properties, i.e. the rubber mixture, are specially designed for high summer temperatures. With summer tires, the braking distance in summer is significantly shorter than with “soft” winter tires.

Principle 2: adjust air pressure

Tires are the only connection to the road and transmit drive, steering and braking forces to the road. They absorb shocks and bumps when driving on bad roads and cushion the car. So that the tire can perform these tasks optimally and safely, it is necessary to adjust the air pressure accordingly. The air pressure of a tire is quite comparable to the blood pressure of a human being. If it is too low, you feel limp and sluggish, if it is too high, the entire circulation is put under a lot of stress. In terms of tire pressure, this means: Too low air pressure leads to faster wear, because the tire is subjected to greater stress, if the air pressure is too high, the contact area with the road is reduced, which increases the braking distance. The air pressure recommended by the automobile manufacturer can be found in the operating instructions, in the fuel cap or on the door handle. In addition to a gain in safety and more comfort, the optimal air pressure also ensures less fuel consumption and thus protects the wallet. With an increased vehicle load, the tire pressure is usually increased by 0.2 to 0.6 bar. Exact information is provided by the manual of the vehicle.

Principle 3: Check profile depth

Swimming is part of a summer vacation like sunscreen - but not on the street, please. If it rains heavily, it is important that the car does not float on the street. The specialist then speaks of aquaplaning. The effect is the complete loss of contact between the tire and the road. Neither steering nor braking forces can then be transmitted. That is why it is essential to check the tread depth before starting your journey. Heavy summer showers can also occur during summer vacations. Experts recommend at least 3 mm residual profile for summer tires so that the tires can drain the water off the road. You should also Tire label when buying ask for help, premium tires generally offer more safety reserves than “cheap imports”.

Don't forget other safety factors

In addition to tires and brakes, even more components are part of a holiday check: does the lighting system work smoothly? Are all liquids available in sufficient quantity, from oil to cooling water? Is the exhaust system intact? Is the air conditioning system functional and ensures a cool head in hot areas and thus a safe journey? - All of this should be checked before going on vacation.

So armed, there's nothing standing in the way of a safe trip on vacation! 

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