Shell has perfumes developed for motorists - the scent of the wide world of cars

Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH has launched four perfumes specially tailored to drivers of all ages

Car drivers maintain different driving styles. Shell has now launched four scents tailored to specific driver types.

Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH, which is well known as a petroleum company, has launched four perfumes specially tailored to drivers of all ages. Responsible for the development of fragrances is the Englishman Mark Buxton, who has developed his creations based on a Shell-defined motorist classification.

The basis for this classification was the Shell 2017! Drives-You study, which identified the following types: In addition to the "connector", for which time in the car is a necessity to travel from A to B. There are also the lusty drivers â € œFree Spiritsâ € and â € œGo-gettersâ € and the cautious and deliberate â € œControllerâ €. The scent "Feel", which is matched to the car fan, combines cedar wood, germanium, amber and peony as well as rubber and leather. There is also the soothing "Flow" fragrance, the frequent traveler's perfume "Play" and the perfume "Boost" tailored to experience-oriented characters.

However, the fragrances are not an idea for the next Christmas present, as Shell initially produced only 400 bottles for a media event, but vaguely promised to launch the fragrances in the future.

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