Shell PR glitch - viral video

It's a PR thing. Great ideas, perfect planning and then - yes, something always goes wrong.

In this case it was about a PR event by SHELL and the actual breakdown is not the malfunction of the beverage dispenser, or the hysterical whimpering of the older lady - no, the PR breakdown is actually only the handling of those responsible with the cell phone filmmaker. 😉

But see for yourself:

Added on 7.6.2012 on Youtube, 660k Youtube users already watched the video.


It's nice when things like this happen and you can make fun of them - but I'm not sure how many of the 660k Youtubers noticed that this video was about a viral campaign against Shell.

The video is part of an awareness campaign in the public eye for the problems of oil extraction in the Arctic. The background to this video, now here:

If you still do not understand how this campaign works, then you should also visit the website 🙂

In particular “Angry Bergs” 😉 with the great video game sound of the 80s. 😉



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