Seat test in the new C-Class - W205

Mercedes-Benz speaks of an upgrade when it comes to the successor to the C-Class. The world premiere will take place in Detroit in January and it is already clear: Mercedes will revive the history of its own brand with new accents, with a new quality.

A class higher

In a first seat trial in the still heavily camouflaged W205 (Codename internal for the C-Class) becomes immediately clear, here the history of the mark, with unexpectedly sensual values, is rewritten. Mercedes cuts off old braids and focuses on the combination of quality, clarity and elegance in the highest-volume saloon with a star.

Mercedes-Benz seat fitting 21 W205

The interior convinces with a sophisticated operating concept, a clean look and new old acquaintances. Thus, the new C-Class also carries the unique facial expressions for the electric seat adjustment, adapted only to the perceptible new aesthetic zeitgeist.

Haptically more valuable and thereby of a timeless beauty.

A high goal for a sedan that does not want to be sold in homeopathic doses, but in massive quantities.

Lighter, more dynamic, more active

The zeitgeist wants lighter vehicles. Without weight savings, however, the high goals in terms of fuel consumption and driving dynamics will not be achieved. In Stuttgart, too, the goal for every new generation was: slim down. The new C-Class will be around 100 kilograms lighter. A new aluminum roof, for example, saves 7 kg, a new mount for the rear axle 3 kg, and the new mounts made of aluminum for the front suspension struts save 1.5 kg. It is a hunt for a few grams that requires intelligent lightweight construction, calls for new ideas and also wants to break new ground.

Sensible for the driving dynamics and yet a lightweight: The W205 A new four-link front axle will be given, thus replacing the front suspension strut from its classic role as a “load-bearing” pillar in the design of a McPherson front axle. A high level of constructive effort, which, however, together with the air suspension (Airmatic) available for the first time in this segment, will provide a new driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz seat fitting 06 W205

heads up

For the first time ever, the optional head-up display. With a resolution of 480x240 pixels, the system, which is almost futuristic for Stuttgart standards, impresses with a razor-sharp display. A 21 × 7 cm image is mirrored in the windshield directly in front of the driver and will help the driver with the navigation, display the current and permitted speed and display the assistance systems.


And a second “no-go” is now being cleaned up in Stuttgart: the touch pad is moving into the Swabian’s upcoming business limousine. During the first seat test, the placement of the touchpad was just as convincing as the haptic implementation of this previously unthinkable control panel. Similar to the competitor's system with the four rings, the touchpad recognizes handwriting and accepts numbers and letters. But the device can also handle the multi-touch gestures known for smartphone users for a zoom effect in the navigation map. Welcome to 2014.

Mercedes-Benz seat fitting 22 W205

Safety first

No new Mercedes without a clear statement in the area of ​​safety and assistance systems. When Mercedes-Benz unveils the camouflage for the C-Class, customers can expect a “small S-Class”. A clear family bond will become visible not only in the design, but also in active and passive safety.

Mercedes-Benz seat fitting 19 W205

From sitting to driving

It was just a first seat rehearsal, a “sniffing in” into the new C-Class that Mercedes-Benz granted me that day. I am curious what the result will be. And above all, how it will drive.

Everything about the new W205 - the upgrade in the business sedan class - here in the blog!



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