Skoda Superb Facelift - Skoda sees the light

In future, the Superb will also be available in a more robust Socut version

Skoda revised its flagship Superb and offered LED matrix light for the first time. Also new: the plug-in hybrid drive with 55 kilometers of purely electric range.  

Digital 10,25 inch instruments are now moving into the interior of the Superb, and three touchscreen systems with 8 or 9,2 inch displays are available on the infotainment side

The Superb is a success story for Skoda. Since its premiere in 2001, the Czech middle class has convinced numerous drivers. Well over a million customers have already chosen the VW Passat technology brother - and quite a few buyers have preferred the cheaper and more spacious Skoda over the Wolfsburg original. The next generation of Passat will no longer be built in Emden, but at Skoda in Kvasiny and, if you believe the rumors, the Czechs should also have the development sovereignty over the upcoming middle class generation. Until then, the current third generation as a sedan and station wagon has just been lifted and will be available from the dealer for at least € 28.000 from autumn.

Skoda will launch the Superb in a lifted version in autumn

As usual, the designers put their hands on the front and rear as part of the facelift. With the new front apron, there is also a larger radiator grille with double ribs that protrudes a little further down. In addition, there are new, wider headlights that work with LED technology even in the basic version. For the first time at Skoda, full LED matrix headlights are now also available, which are supposed to illuminate the road better; As a gimmick, there are now animated blinking lights in the Superb. At the rear, too, light-emitting diodes shine through the night, instead of relying on a continuous light strip like other manufacturers, Skoda connects the taillights with a chrome strip. After Scala and Kamiq, the big Czech now gets the full Skoda lettering on the trunk lid. Anyone who opts for the top Laurin & Klement equipment in the future will receive a little more chrome decor all round. Like the colored contrasting seams, this should also enhance the interior. Digital 10,25-inch instruments are now moving in there, and on the infotainment side there are three touchscreen systems with 8- and 9,2-inch displays. The top system reacts to gesture control, is of course online and works great with smartphones; which in future can be charged inductively in a larger phone box. In the lifted Superb, the driver is supported by additional assistants: The predictive distance cruise control now reacts to speed signs and curves, the Emergency Assist initiates a controlled emergency braking at the edge of the road if the driver no longer reacts and the Front Assist detects pedestrians on the road and applies the brakes independently if necessary.

At the rear of the lifted Superb, light-emitting diodes shine through the night, instead of relying on a continuous light strip like other manufacturers, Skoda connects the taillights with a chrome strip

There are six engines available under the hood. The diesels deliver 88 kW / 120 PS (1.6 TDI), 110 kW / 150 PS and 140 kW / 190 PS (both 2.0 TDI) and have SCR catalysts with AdBlue cleaning. A seven-speed dual clutch transmission is standard in the basic and top diesel, and the most powerful version is also available with all-wheel drive on request. The 150-PS version comes from the factory with a six-speed manual transmission, which is also intended for the entry-level 1.5-TSI with 110 kW / 150 PS. The new two-liter petrol engine with 140 kW / 190 PS and the top petrol engine with 200 kW / 272 PS (also a 2.0 TSI) in turn come with the seven-speed dual clutch as standard - the most powerful petrol engine also always delivers its power to both axles , All three petrol engines only blow particle-filtered exhaust gases into the environment; Skoda has not yet given any information on consumption.

The combination of the 1,4 liter petrol engine (115 kW / 156 PS), the electric motor (85 kW / 116 PS) and the six-speed dual clutch transmission are provided by 160 kW / 218 PS. The Superb iV should only cover up to 55 kilometers with the electricity from the 13 kWh battery.

The Skoda Superb iV is the brand's first plug-in hybrid: the combination of an 1,4 liter petrol engine (115 kW / 156 PS), an electric motor (85 kW / 116 PS) and a six-speed dual clutch transmission provides 160 kW / 218 PS. The Superb iV should only cover up to 55 kilometers with the electricity from the 13 kilowatt-hour battery. The battery can be charged via the socket in the radiator grille with up to 3,6 kW in three and a half hours - however, the power storage limits the trunk volume by around 150 liters to 485 liters (sedan) or 510 liters (station wagon). Visually, the hybrid differs in details on the front from the standard Superb, and it also draws attention to itself when rolling with the sound generator E-Noise. Interesting: The Trailer Assistant and the 360 degree camera are only available for the hybrid.

The Skoda Superb iV is the brand's first plug-in hybrid

If you want, you can order the new Skoda Superb as a sedan or station wagon in the Sportline version, which attracts attention with black decor and wheels and a ten millimeter lower chassis. The dynamic equipment is available for all engines except for the basic diesel. The Superb Scout, on the other hand, is only available with the two top engines: For the first time, the flagship of the Czechs also scores with 15 millimeters more ground clearance, aluminum underrun protection and robust plastic planks. The obligatory all-wheel drive is extended by a special off-road driving mode, inside there is also chic wood decor and Scout-specific fabric seats.

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