smart Brabus V6 bi-turbo

smart roadster bi-turbo
smart roadster bi-turbo

I can remember well. As Jens writes, it was probably around 2003 - I read a report about a smart roadster that had a V700 bi-turbo in the cute rear instead of the usual 3ccm³ 6-cylinder turbo engine. In 2004 I personally drove my first own smart, a “42” - later increased to almost 80PS - that was quite an entertaining story.

The V6 in the rear of the “special smart roadster” was a construction of 2 “normal” smart engines and the whole thing was built by the BRABUS company at the time. BRABUS? Bottrop. Bodo Bushman. Does it click?

Exactly, BRABUS - the Mercedes-Benz tuner. And because smart was - and is - a Daimler construction site, they started building a “real” engine into the hot roadster (by the way, a shame to discontinue this series!)

And I was a little jealous when I read that Jens - my colleague Stratmann now had the opportunity to drive the little bright red two-seater. The small rear-engine roadster had been given 170PS. Man - and Jens was allowed to drive the roadster ...

The best thing to do is click over and read his report! [click me - i am a link]


// Photo is from Jens ..


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