The digital trench warfare - beginning or end?

When I started with “”, it wasn't my goal to do everything better than other journalists - it wasn't my goal to be seen as a competitor to the established media and motor journalists either. But - as others see you - you don't always have that in your hand.

The digital trench warfare - beginning or end?

Stefan Anker is a “real journalist” and he writes in a medium that the victorious powers of the Second World War founded once in order to be able to spread business-liberal news.

“Bourgeois-conservative” is the Springerblatt and supposedly the readers of this publication can be easily sorted into two types of motorists: those who already have a bobble dog on the shelf and those who are still thinking about what to do with the lovingly knitted toilet paper wool hat should do when the next car only offers space for the bobble dog.

Stefan Anker is the man for the engines in this Axel Springer publishing house offer.   So far, so boring.

Supposedly misguided by the history of the Axel-Springer publishing house, under the impression of being founded by the victorious powers, Stefan Anker now fires the next stage of his escalation escapades. Did not he have all the auto bloggers as a few months ago “Terribly chatty”, He now wants to become a blogger himself.

"Why I blog"

Stefan Anker seems to have understood what's happening. Hardly anybody is still interested in the round-robbed Geschwurbel of the publishing houseangesubordinate motor journalists. Blogs are in the process of accelerating the media change. Honestly subjective statements and stories from a new perspective replace the eternally identical driving report of the aging guild of motor journalists.

Actually you should be happy

If an “old school” motor journalist starts blogging, then you should actually be happy. It's an affirmation. It's an appreciation. It is a clear sign that an industry is currently changing here. Actually. If it weren't for these “throbbing” blunders from Anker's change of heart: He actually uses a “blog name” that has been in the steady hands of another automotive blogger for many years - only relieved by a “g " at the end. The Anker's ecstasy of joy in new journalistic findings thus has a bad aftertaste. His blog name: “BigBlog”. Just stupid that it "bigblogg”Has existed since 2008.

Now you can ask yourself if there is a hard-hitting economic calculus, after all, the google success in search entries with this term is predetermined, or simply the inability to carry out a name search. Once using the google search, would have shown: bigblogg already uses an Axel Griesinger for his blog.

Stupidity or audacity?

While you can still ask yourself when choosing a name whether stupidity or audacity prevails here, reading the other “reasons” for the new founding of the “BigBlog” leaves me breathless:

So I go where it hurts. Where, in addition to a few thoughtful professionals, there are many enthusiastic lay preachers who believe they are in possession of the truth. Where we “paper journalists” (who actually no longer exist in the “world”) constantly hear how backward we are; at least in the autoblogger scene that is something of a common thread.

Stefan Anker seems to have it with his ears. Because if we criticize something, it is the publisher's submission and the way the publishers act. There are enough journalists who have already taken the step before Stefan Anker and have separated from the “lens-like world” of their editorial offices!

Of course, I run this blog out of comfortable position, I admit, because I am a part-time blogger.

This location is of course not that comfortable. Unless - he had a decent job, but no, he's dependent on a large publishing house. And how Springer deals with his editors - well, we haven't just known since “Computer Bild”. Seems like SA is more likely to plan its exit strategy.

Maybe not all and maybe not always immediately. Because I'm only a part-time blogger. Sometimes I just have to work.

The smooth arrogance of an arrogant journalist oozes from this paragraph. A quote that could not “more figuratively” show what conception SA has of the working world of a blogger.

and I will try to be entertaining on the blog.

He's already done that. The blogosphere is already talking about this incredible arrogance of a dinosaur who wants to fight for “better blogs” in the guise of the victorious newspaper. Mike Frison, Sebastian bauer and also the face behind the Daimler blog - Uwe Knaus, have already published an opinion.

And I'm still wondering - is this all a belated April joke? Should it be a satire? A reflection of your own mistakes? Well - I still doubt ... Or maybe he just wanted us to talk about him in our blogs. Well - at least - he made it. Congratulation!





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