Social media with PS: marketing in the automotive industry

After years of records with high sales figures, the industry is about to change. The conventional internal combustion engine is on the verge, electric drives, battery technology and networking are in the foreground.
In view of declining sales figures, companies such as the automotive group Volkswagen or Opel are faced with the challenge of mobilizing loyal customers. Social networks are an important factor in purchasing decisions. Online marketing and social media marketing via Facebook will become even more important for companies in the future. Which social media trends are automakers vying for customer favor?

The most important platforms on the Internet
Companies from all industries are active on social networks. However, studies show a big pull from car manufacturers like that Wolfsburg auto group Volkswagen. They manage to mobilize a particularly large number of followers on Facebook and Co. Facebook is the most important platform for successful social media marketing among social networks. Instagram and Twitter are also important pillars for car brands.
In general, marketing cannot be reduced to one channel. It is advisable to use several networks in parallel - especially for the automotive industry. It has a diverse customer group. Manufacturers can only reach the widest possible group of customers on social networks by using multiple channels.
Marketing on the Internet is of great importance. Most car buyers use the World Wide Web to find out about new models in advance. In this industry, the buying decision depends on many more factors than in other industries. It's easier to buy a new sweater than a new car. Buying a car is a decision that is also highly emotional. With an effective social media campaign and solid marketing, the companies achieve a positive relationship with their own brand. You influence the purchase decision long before the customer decides to buy.

Many followers are not critical
Social media marketing is not for free. It is important to use the necessary resources efficiently. This also applies to the investment in marketing on social networks.
Facebook is the driving force and unites most of the automotive industry's followers. The response is not good compared to other portals. The average contribution interaction of the followers provides information about this. Facebook has the most followers, but the interaction rate is below average. Of 1.000 followers, only one actively interacts with the manufacturer. The response on Instagram is 40 times as high. And even on Pinterest, the carmaker gets more feedback than Facebook.
For successful marketing, it is important to weigh which attention is given to the respective portal. As many followers on Facebook and little response? Or would you rather invest on Instagram to get as much response from your followers as possible? The online marketing agency performanceLiebe knows the best possible mix for the most efficient marketing on the Internet.

Do not stop
If you rest, you rust - not just for a car, but also for online marketing. The automotive industry is very successful in acquiring new followers on social media. However, the longer a follower follows the manufacturer, the lower his interaction rate. The goal of a social media campaign must therefore always be to generate new followers. Those who rest on their laurels will quickly regret it. This is especially true on the Internet with its rapidly changing opinions and demands.
Followers on social networks want to be kept entertained. It is not sufficient to put the latest advertising posters or spots online for television. Online advertising does not follow the same rules as in real life. The social factor is relevant. Only then can the interaction with the follower be expected at all. He must see an occasion to respond to a message, tweet or picture. This can be the hashtag used or the latest Blog about the car .

Investments increase
The automotive industry makes a little more than half of its advertising expenditure away from the Internet. Expenditure has risen steadily in recent years. A trend that will continue in the future. This is an investment that pays off:
• One in four car buyers informs themselves beforehand on social media.
• 40 percent of all consumers make their purchase decision dependent on social media.
• Around 90 percent of all car buyers have an account with at least one social media channel - and are therefore receptive to social media marketing.

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