Special equipment with assistance systems - safety does not have to be overpriced

Advanced systems that also recognize pedestrians and cyclists are not yet available across the board, for example Volvo and Mercedes have them on offer

Only around 15 percent of new car buyers are willing to spend money on safety-related issues Driver assistance systems (FAS) if these are optional equipment, according to a survey by the German Road Safety Council. "How much value does your own life have?" The DVR therefore provocatively asks in its campaign for the widespread distribution of assistance systems.

For example, according to the survey, 13 percent of new car buyers have an automatic braking system on board. According to accident research conducted by the insurance company (UDV), an emergency braking assistant that detects moving and stationary vehicles as well as pedestrians and cyclists can prevent 43 percent of car accidents.

These highly developed systems, which pedestrians and cyclists also recognize, are not yet available nationwide, for example Volvo and Mercedes have them on offer. But even into the smallest car class, emergency braking assistants are already available, who recognize and warn vehicles in front on a collision course, assist with braking or brake automatically - depending on the model.

They don't have to be expensive - at least compared to other equipment features. For example, the emergency braking assistant for the VW Up is available in a package with cruise control and parking aid for 615 euros - metallic paint also costs just under 500 euros surcharge. In the Opel Astra, the equipment with a front camera and a more complex emergency brake assistant costs 650 Euro surcharge, then traffic sign recognition and lane departure warning are already included. The winter package with seat and steering wheel heating is more expensive with 710 euros. An emergency brake assistant is already on board in more and more vehicles, for example in VW Tiguan, Toyota Prius, Mercedes B-Class or all Volvo models.

Prospective buyers can quickly find out which systems are available for the vehicle they want from the DVR database at www.bester-beifahrer.de.

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