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It's hard to believe, but in many cars the music still comes from the cassette or an outdated car radio, the navigation is often made of paper and has the voice of the passenger. “It's high time to upgrade!” Said the organizer of the world's largest automobile fair, the IAA, and made space for a special Car Media show in Hall 4.0, Stand B23. The companies Audio Design with the brands Match by Audiotec Fischer and ESX Vision, Axion, Connects2, Dominations, Kenwood, Pioneer & V-Traffic by Mediamobile present a mobile infotainment portfolio that has the right system solution for every vehicle model, every need and every budget ready for retrofitting. The special show is initiated by the European Mobile Media Association, or EMMA for short.

"Mobile infotainment in the vehicle is not only a guarantee for many kilometers that are ready for a concert and ultimate entertainment fun, but also offers the highest level of navigation and hands-free convenience as well as a wide range of solutions for automotive networking," explains EMMA Managing Director Alexander Klett. With easy and quick to install plug-and-play solutions and vehicle-specific devices, individual retrofitting is now really attractive.

The latest fun and convenience promising technologies such as iPod control, USB connection, Bluetooth hands-free systems, mobile Internet, television and digital radio awaken the desire for new technology and automotive music enjoyment at the concert hall level. With well thought-out products and a seemingly endless range of integration solutions, the mobile electronics manufacturers are again ensuring user-friendly, optimally integrable components for every need and budget this season.

“After all, we've never spent so much time behind the wheel before, and never before have there been such perfect opportunities to collect and archive infinite amounts of favorite music and listen to it wherever we are,” says Andreas Rädke from the Audio Design management team. At the IAA, Audio Design is giving the vehicle-specific ESX VISION naviceivers with PRIMO iGO navigation software and i10 operating system a prominent platform, including for VW, Mercedes, Skoda, Seat, Kia, Hyundai and Opel. The MATCH Plug & Play series from the traditional German manufacturer Audiotec Fischer is also part of the Audio Design exhibition portfolio. These compact, budget-friendly electronic components are revolutionizing the car media aftermarket. They can be used to tune automotive factory radios quickly and inexpensively. Vehicle-specific connection solutions ensure the non-marking upgrade and retrofitting.

A luxury that only the retrofit market offers: while a product cycle in automobile construction lasts up to six years, the average age of automobiles in this country is even eight years, for example in the car hi-fi and other mobile media sector there is a new product generation every one or two years on the market. And the mobile media solutions offered ex works are not only out of step in terms of topical technology - they are also sometimes cheaper in price than the devices from the manufacturers' original accessories catalogs.

“It is high time for the retailer to recommend to the customer an alternative to his outdated original radio or to navigation with a road map that is both sound and comfort. An insight into the latest mobile entertainment technologies and their problem-free installation in the car will also convince skeptics ”, says Gerd Wellhausen, Product Manager Car Electronics at Pioneer. The traditional manufacturer has repeatedly taken the lead with its mobile infotainment innovations and, as early as 1990, presented the world's first GPS-based navigation system for retrofitting. Today, Pioneer offers reliable, intuitive and individually configurable navigation convenience not only for private and business vehicles, but also tailor-made solutions for trucks and mobile homes. Since 2011, Pioneer AppRadios have been the first retrofit products to enable the use of iPhone & Co. as the primary source of information and entertainment in the vehicle. In 2012, moniceiver and naviceiver were also equipped with an AppRadio mode. In addition, a DAB + ready-to-receive device line-up was launched in 2012. At the IAA, Pioneer is presenting another milestone: the Pioneer SPX-HUD01 head-up display provides navigation instructions from smartphones based on augmented reality. This allows the driver to navigate without taking his eyes off the road. The head-up display can also be retrofitted in vehicles that were delivered from the factory with a closed A / V system.

The Car infotainment Specialists from Kenwood rely, among other things, on mobile networking: The Kenwood Navitainer DNN9230DAB not only connects to the Internet via a smartphone connected via WLAN or a mobile hotspot, the device also has a Wi-Fi module that enables a wireless WLAN Provides network for streaming and exchanging media content via DLNA within the vehicle. The outstanding range of functions and equipment of the Kenwood Navitainers is just as much a part of the exhibition highlights of the renowned manufacturer as a wide range of devices that can be used to receive the new digital radio standard DAB +.

Speaking of digital radio: After the start of the first national traffic information service for digital radio, "V-Traffic Premium DAB", IAA visitors can experience an important milestone for the successful introduction of digital radio DAB + in Germany. Mediamobile - a leading provider of traffic information services in France, Scandinavia and Poland - will deliver high-resolution traffic information via the national digital DAB + multiplex from July 2013. The data is sent in the modern TPEG traffic data protocol and can be processed by compatible receiving devices. The high-resolution traffic data from "V-Traffic Premium DAB" are also suitable for use in navigation devices and have the potential to replace the traditional RDS-TMC process in the future. Compared to RDS-TMC, DAB + offers more than 400 times the transmission capacity. Simultaneously with the introduction of its first German traffic information service, the company also announced the opening of a new office near Stuttgart.

As part of the IAA special show, the car infotainment installation accessories specialist Connects2 presents tailor-made comfort that only the aftermarket offers: In order to ensure the seamless, technically flawless integration of Car Media retrofit devices into the modern on-board network, the company with its headquarters in England offers a range of vehicle-specific Installation accessories for several hundred vehicle models, which the innovative manufacturer permanently adapts to the current range of vehicle models. This extensive range of adapters accomplishes the complete integration of retrofitted devices into the on-board electronics, without interfering with the data traffic and thus the guarantee provisions of the vehicle. Thanks to the proximity to the original solution, even elements in the vehicle - such as steering wheel buttons - can be used to map standard device functions. In conjunction with the appropriate technical knowledge, the seamless integration of retrofit components in the dashboard and passenger compartment can now be accomplished easily and safely, both mechanically and electrically. Retrofitting digital radio into existing vehicles is no longer a problem with the Connects2 DAB interfaces.

"An experienced, competent automotive electronics and infotainment specialist today has essential prerequisites to inform automotive customers about the latest products, technologies and designs and to convince them of the compatibility, flexibility and expandability of retrofittable mobile comfort and entertainment components," explains Dennis Mayer from Axion AG. The company develops and sells state-of-the-art monitoring, fleet management and entertainment systems for vehicles of all kinds. A prominent example of Axion's professional product portfolio is the NIK (Navigation Integration Kits). With the NIK, Axion offers the perfect navigation retrofit solution for many vehicle brands and models, for example from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, which have an original monitor but no factory navigation. When retrofitting the smart kits, the original radio does not have to be replaced. The navigation image is activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel or a separate button on the monitor, the navigation is conveniently operated using the remote control included in the scope of delivery. An optional touch screen function for navigation on the original monitor can also be retrofitted on request.


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