Economical but powerful: V6 power in the Dodge Charger & Challenger

Why drive a V8, when modern six-cylinder engines meanwhile bring a similar power yield, but demand less fossil fuel? From now on, the dealers of the AEC Europe network, the nationwide dealer network of American premium dealers, will have their most relevant models in their range, including the most modern, fuel-efficient V6 units.

V6 Power 03 ACE Europe
In the entry-level model, the Dodge Charger Rallye, it does not necessarily have to be an eight-cylinder under the hood: With impressive 292 horsepower is also the coupe from Dodge sufficiently athletic on the road. As the basis serves here modern Pentastar V6 with 3,6 liters of displacement, 353 Newtonmeter torque also ensure a powerful start of the fuel-efficient engine, which is paired with a completely newly developed eight-speed automatic transmission.

V6 Power 04 ACE Europe
Cross-platform Dodge also uses the Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline the Pentastar six-cylinder. Here, the aluminum block provides for 305 horsepower and torque of 363 Newton meters, which in combination with the five-speed automatic ensures more than adequate acceleration.

V6 Power 02 ACE Europe
All this power is already available at the dealers of the AEC Europe network at notable prices: a Charger Rallye or Challenger Rallye Redline with six-cylinder is already available in top outfitting for under 39.000 Euro. Save and still be on the road - no problem with AEC Europe.

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