Speed ​​dating for speed lovers

The most action-packed summer dating

EA and Porsche load at the 12. September 2013 on speed dating on the grounds of Porsche Leipzig

 Sun in the sky, loud engines and neat crackling in the air - Need for Speed ​​and Porsche Leipzig present the hottest event of the year: the Need for Speed ​​Dating! Eight singles get the chance to experience probably the fastest dating in the world.

At 250 km / h, the candidates can get to know each other in the back seat of a Porsche Panamera and get to know each other better during the subsequent evening dinner.

Panamera S E-Hybrid

Porsche has been producing in Leipzig since 2002 and, thanks to the circuit and the off-road course, has the opportunity to test the cars in action on-site and push them to their limits. This is the ideal location for a Need for Speed ​​event. On the 12. September 2013 lets our singles experience first-hand how quickly a speed dating can take place. And who knows, maybe even love at first drift.

Apply now for Speed ​​Dating!

Interested parties simply apply by mail at nfs-club@ Faktor3.de with a portrait photo and a short text about yourself with information on age, gender, hobbies and briefly report on what matters to them in the dream partner or the dream partner. Eligibility requirements include a minimum age of 18 years and the possession of a valid driver's license. Submission deadline is the 31. August 2013 at 23: 59 clock. The costs for arrival and departure with Deutsche Bahn and accommodation in Leipzig are covered by Electronic Arts. Arrival is on Thursday, the 12. September 2013, departure day is Friday, the 13. September 2013.

Need for Speed ​​Rivals: Start as a cop or racer in action-packed races

On the 21. November 2013 releases the new Need for Speed ​​Rivals. Together with friends or real rivals you can deliver exciting head-to-head races as a cop or racer. At the heart of Need for Speed ​​Rivals is All-Drive, an innovative new online feature that allows players to seamlessly transition from single-player to play with friends, breaking the barrier between single-player and multiplayer. Friends can thus get into the current game at any time, thereby changing the racing game experience individually.

For more information about the action and the Need for Speed ​​franchise, visit the Need for Speed ​​Club at www.facebook.com/needforspeed and in the blog belowwww.needforspeed-club.de as well as on http://www.porsche-leipzig.com / and https://www.facebook.com/porsche.

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