Super Nano: From cheap car to race car

The Tata Nano has come to popularity as the cheapest car in the world. As a "super nano" he now wants to reap sporting fame. The Indian tuner JA Motorsport has now converted the normally only 26 kW / 35 PS strong three-meter minivan into a powerhouse, in front of which even a Golf GTI fades.

Inside, everything is new: the 0,62-liter gasoline engine was replaced by a more than twice as large 1,3-liter engine, which comes without turbo on 171 kW / 233 PS. The modified motorcycle engine accelerates the Super Nano in 6,5 seconds from zero to 100 km / h, who can dare to reach up to 190 km / h.

So that the new engine fit into the small car at all, the rear seat had to be removed. There are larger wheels, a reinforced body structure and aerodynamic attachments. According to the effort, the price increases: If the standard nano in India is currently starting at around 1.900 Euro plus taxes, the Super Nano costs around 33.600 Euro.

But something else should keep the circle of potential customers small: The mini-car is so aerodynamic reasons so just above the ground, that he would simply be impassable on the poor Indian roads. The tuner has therefore waived a road license and now wants to market the vehicle as a racing car.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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