Tata uses three-word address system

India's largest automaker Tata is partnering with the three-word address system "what3words". The British start-up has divided the globe into a grid of three by three-meter squares and assigned each square its own address consisting of three random words that can be found via a smartphone app. For example, the Gateway of India in India has the address ///steinbrücke.eiben.profiteam.

This geo-localization method is of particular interest to India, as there is no standard for addresses and complex road layouts make navigation difficult in the final meters. The different address formats in the different regions of the country as well as streets and locations without names as well as buildings without house numbers belong there to the everyday life. What-3-words are currently available in 37 languages. These include the five Indian languages ​​Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi.

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