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Pretty fast friends

Driving report and presentation of the new Škoda Octavia vRS230

Sporty oriented dads knew it for a long time. The socially acceptable automotive balancing act between kindergarten and gym is Octavia RS. As a station wagon, the Czech is the friend of all family fathers. Pamperbomber and family carriage on the one hand, with pressure on the boiler and tight suspension tuning a driving pleasure generator for the secret, but above all, speedy escape from everyday life on the other side.

skoda octavia rs 230 001 test drive driving report

Pampers GTI

Granted, +10 hp sounds like a typo. But the appeal of the new Octavia vRS230 is not what makes the extra horsepower, but the attractiveness of the overall package. The two-liter turbo engine known from the RS got a new mapping and now snorts through everyday life with 230 PS and 350 Nm. That alone would not be worth reporting. At Škoda, however, they are reflecting on their own sporting tradition and are now combining the turbo gasoline engine with a differential lock for the first time. Nothing purely electronic, in which the power is destroyed, a mechanical lamella lock based on the Haldex principle with electronic control was allowed to move in on the front axle and thus give the fast Czech the traction he deserves.

114 years motorsport tradition

After 114 years of serious motorsport history, Škoda packs everything that makes it more beautiful and faster in the vRS230. Octavia customers only have to wait until 2016 for the adaptive chassis. But the “normal” chassis, which is 15 mm lower, does an excellent job. Together with the VAQ (front axle lock) and the 225 sports tires, the Czech truck is surprisingly positive on the racetrack too.

The front axle is finally finished with the 350 Nm. The pull on the chain is no longer transformed into senseless blue tire smoke or stuttering of the engine electronics when the spinning wheel is “braked”. If necessary, the lock sends up to 100% of the force to the wheel on the outside of the bend, where more traction is available when cornering.

First exit on the Slovakia ring

Even the moderate power increase is sufficient to run over the limit of the tires. The speedy course near Bratislava leaves enough to RS230 and the journalist. The newly developed exhaust system brings authentic sound. Instead of artificial loudspeaker sounding, Škoda remembers its own claim. No fake is sold here. Here driving pleasure is steered into socially acceptable tracks. Also a form of simply clever.

10 PS more, can you feel it?

Of course not. Not without a comparison model. And that wasn't available to us. But the “Zwo-Nuller” impresses with its ease of rotation and convincing elasticity. No tight economy engine, no steam hammer with sharp performance characteristics. Nevertheless, we couldn't manage a speed of 250 on the Slovakia-Ring - unfortunately - because then we would have experienced electronic limitation in a Škoda for the first time. At 250 km / h, however, the limited vRS230 is also the fastest Škoda of all time. Or should we say so far?

That you feel comfortable in the interior, for leather sport seats with fine red stitching and a sports steering wheel take responsibility. The seating position fits anyway, here nothing changes to the Octavia brothers with less power.

Anyone who takes such care of the driving pleasure under the sheet metal can show it on the plate. The RS230 has painted the mirror caps, the radiator grille and the rear spoiler in black as a special model. This is not a mourning flag, it just looks very racy. The exhaust pipes were also dark, but in black and chrome. Does not bring more power, but does the optics really good.

skoda octavia rs 230 002 test drive driving report

How much is the fun?

In the price list there is a € 3.000 difference between the vRS230 and the “normal” RS. A lot of money for a little more boost pressure, a sports exhaust and a differential lock. For this, however, the manufacturer packs a lot of equipment in the special model. This puts the surcharge into perspective.

skoda octavia rs 230 014 test drive driving report

One question remains:

Is that really clever? Why does Škoda stop at 230 hp? If you can live well with 280 hp. The group brother Seat Leon Cupra ST280 shows that impressively. (Driving Report Leon Cupra 280) Although this question of friendship with the Octavia vRS230 does not detract from it - hardly any other station wagon in its class can combine the “practical” with the “sporty” talents so well!


vRS / RS?

Yes, what now - so the justified question. Škoda titled the sports model as RS - however, the logo shows the V - for Victory and in England, the RS models then also run as vRS in the price lists. Understand? No - you don't have to, just know!




Vehicle registration for the Škoda Octavia vRS230 (station wagon)

For sale:  From September
Base Price:  From 34.150 €
Engine performance:  230 PS
Drive and transmission:  Six-speed manual transmission
Acceleration:  6.7 seconds for 0-100 km / h
Consumption - combined:  6.2 liters / 100 km NEDC standard
maximum speed:  250 km/h
Length, width, height, wheelbase  4.690, 1.810, 1.450, 2.680 mm


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