Test: TomTom Curfer - The digital passenger

TomTom is actually known more than navigation experts. For some time now, TomTom has been offering an exciting gadget: The CURFER.

The digital passenger - the CURFER

OBD Bluetooth dongle and smartphone app for monitoring and analyzing your own habits.

- data in real time -

The Bluetooth dongle, which is barely larger than two lids for classic water bottles, is simply plugged into the OBD port of the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle you can find it faster and sometimes less fast. Some manufacturers hide the port very well. For example, the current Jaguar XF has successfully defended itself. Actually, the Curfer helps with the setup and gives hints where the OBD port is, but he does not know all the new cars yet.

Some of the mab test vehicles could be tested with the dongle. For example a Ford Mustang 5.0 and a Land Rover Sport Hybrid. Where TomTom on its own website indicates that the Curfer is not compatible with hybrid and electric cars.

How to connect the Curfer to your smartphone

As soon as the TomTom Curfer in the OBD port he is powered by this. The free smartphone app is pulled from the Play Store or the Apple App Store. Start the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone, search for the OBD and connect. An accurate step-by-step guide is of course included with the Curfer package.

TomTom Curfer 005 Test OBD Bluetooth mab
On the left the lid of a water bottle, on the right - that's the CURFER.

What can the Curfer do?

Together with the app, the Curfer shows real-time information from the vehicle. In “expert mode” these are values ​​such as the engine speed, different temperature sensors (engine oil, transmission oil, intake air temperature, etc.) - in principle, all of the information that can be accessed in real time.

In conjunction with the smartphone app, a digital speedometer and the current driving data are displayed. Driving distance, speed, average, ect. For example, the Ford Mustang 5.0 came to GPS-certified 249 km / h during the test drive. And thanks to the integrated G-sensor, the lateral acceleration values ​​can also be read out. You can also record all the data for one trip. However, this recording requires activation in the last module window. Only then does the CURFER record the rides. Where the GPS information comes from the smartphone, so the app must be started as well.

Once you've made a few trips, the CURFER shows you your personal driving style. Similar to a driving instructor or coach, the CURFER awards points for 4 areas: acceleration, braking, cornering and idling. The more balanced and economical the trip, the higher the score.

The higher the score - the more the car face shown schematically in the app grins. This is just a kind of “fitness check” for your own driving style. Similar to a pedometer on the wrist, Curfer monitors the activities of your own car.

Important to know: The collected data will remain in the CURFER app and will not be used by TomTom to process routing notices.

TomTom Curfer 011 Test OBD Bluetooth mab

What can not the Curfer?

The Curfer lacks its own GPS tracker and SIM card. Only in connection with the smartphone does the Curfer become a full-fledged tracking tool. The Curfer comes from the TomTom Telematics division, but has to get by without the web interface used there. The “Link 100” is thus the “consumer solution” from the TomTom group for fleet management and, above all, brings entertainment. What it is not: A digital logbook.

What good is it for me?

On my-auto-blog we always drive our test vehicles consumption measurements. Always the same route, always the same driver, always the same gas station to be refilled. So we attach importance to comprehensible and reliable data.

With the help of the TomTom Curfer we could prepare this data for you in the future, graphically, even more elegantly and with GPS information. And - the driving conditions become visible: So: How fast did you drive? How often did the vehicle stand? You drove in the same conditions and so on.

What's the use of you?

If you have a little fun picking up the information from your OBD port and presenting it in a graphically nicely implemented solution, you should take a look at the CURFER. In addition, you can be coached in your driving style. Virtual medals will be awarded and you can help with how you can be more economical in the future.

Conclusion to the TomTom Curfer

A cool gadget for car geeks and fans. A toy, but also an aid - and we are now considering how we can integrate the functions of the TomTom Curfer into your everyday test routine. 



[= ”Notification_warning”] Disclosure: TomTom made the CURFER available free of charge. No expense allowance was paid for this review / test! 

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