Torsen differential in the BRZ / GT86

So now that we've learned how a differential works - (in this post) - let's increase the challenge again and let us explain a “Torsen differential”. What do you need that for? For example, to be able to drive more sportily. Because the function and effect of a differential is also associated with the fact that the force is always directed to the wheel that offers the least resistance. Pretty stupid when it gets slippery - then all the power dissipates in the smoke of a single, spinning wheel.

So you have to find a solution to how you can do both: balance the speed differences for the curves - but at the same time deliver enough drive torque to the wheel, which is blessed with the highest grip.

And here comes, for example, the Torsen differential into play:

The Torsen differential has long been used by Audi as an elementary component of the Quattro drive. But the US SUV Humvee, the Mazda MX5 and now also the Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86 can fall back on this sophisticated differential.

More about the Torsen differential on Wikipedia.


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