The Toyota Motor Corporation (Jap. ト ヨ タ 自動 車 株式会社, Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki-gaisha) is a multinational company and currently (2012) the largest Carmakersof the world. The number of vehicles sold increased 2012 by 22,6 percent to a record of 9,75 million (about 700.000 vehicles more than VW).[3]

Toyota has its headquarters in Toyota (Japan) and is according to the Forbes Global 2000List the third largest publicly traded company in the world. The Toyota Group, with its 522 affiliates, has a total of 320.808 employees (booth 2010) and produces except in the 12 Japanese plants at 51 locations in 26 countries.

The 1937 of Kiichiro Toyoda founded company took over with a sales of 8,972 million vehicles in the year 2008[4] the status of the world's largest car manufacturer General Motors, however, lost it again in the year 2011 due to several recall campaigns and thereby somewhat lower sales figures GM, After Earthquake disaster of March 2011 Toyota was able to recover quickly and 2012 was once again world number one with 4,97 million vehicles sold in the first half of the year.[5] Toyota is considered the “Most Valuable Automobile Brand” in the world. (As of 2013)[6]

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TOYOTA driving reports and articles in my blog


Toyota GT86 drift

And if it's not fun, then it's not a Toyota. A catchy sentence that I would not have believed the brand with the “green image” would have. But - the Japanese can have fun driving and in my article on the subject "Driving Pleasure" I also responded to that.


Even celebrities like driving pleasure, in this case it was TV presenter Bettina Böttinger which drove the new Lexus IS 300h. Lexus is the noble daughter of the big Japanese group Toyota.


Toyot 15 GT86 factory photos

 Toyota GT86

With the new GT 86 the Japanese from Toyota have revived an old tradition of the house and dedicated to the sustainable old-fashioned driving pleasure in addition to the sustainable hybrid theme. Of the GT 86 also drives in the VLN series since this year in a separate cup.

Of course I could even look under the hood of the GT86 and was thrilled by the Driving pleasure of the 200 PS strong boxer. The most important technical data at a glance-click.

Likewise Ralf Bernert from exclusiv-life drove the GT86. His review was created for our “test driver department” and can be found after clicking!

Sportscar of the year. The GT86 was 2012 also in the election for “Sportscar of the Year” successful - click. How is the GT86 beats in the moose test, that was also an issue 😉

How does it work? TORSEN differential in the GT86? Here I explain it. And in this post there is one deeper look under the hood of the GT86.

Toyota 009 Auris

Toyota Auris

The Auris is the golf opponent of Toyota. Seine Driving performance also found a place in my blog - click. Of course, there is a new one Toyota Auris also has an extensive picture gallery with photos of me.



Toyota Auris 08 gallery touring sports

Toyota Auris Touring Sport

With the new Auris Touring Sport, Toyota introduced a compact station wagon this year. A model that has been missing for many years in the range of the Japanese flagship brand. My photos from the presentation of the Auris Touring Sport can be found in my gallery. But of course I didn't just photograph the Auris Touring Sport - there is also one detailed driving report to the Kombi-Auris.


Toyota Verso 08 test driver 2013

Toyota Verso

I didn't drive the 2013 Toyota Verso myself. Here my colleague Thomas Gigold was on the road as a “test driver”. His article on the new verso can be found after this click.



Toyota Prius Plugin 45 Driving Report

Toyota Prius plugin

The Prius is one of the most successful hybrid vehicles ever. Since last year there is one Prius plugin, the possibility of charging the socket allows a purely electrical use. My conclusion to the Driving report of the Prius Plugin is available after the [klick], Before I had the Prius plugin as a test car, I was able to get an impression of the international driving concept in Brussels Get plugin hybrids - the driving report is to find here.


Toyota RAV4 4WD IADS

Toyota RAV4

I have not yet been able to deliver a driving report on the current Toyota RAV4 - but there is now an appointment for this year. That's how long you should read what Peter Ruch to the RAV4 has to say.


Toyota Landcruiser 60 years

Toyota Landcruiser

A veteran of the SUV is the Toyota Land Cruiser. For me in the test was the long 5-door with the 3.0 diesel engine. Of the Driving report to Land Cruiser is here to find. To the Toyota Landcruiser also has a large gallery with own photos.


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