Toyota Hybrid Roadshow goes to the next round

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Ready for the Toyota Hybrid Roadshow 2013: At festivals and trade fairs as well as in shopping centers and pedestrian zones, visitors can find out about the hybrid models from Toyota and Lexus. A fleet of 16 vehicles is ready for test drives. The nationwide tour runs through ten cities for at least two days. An interactive “Fascination Hybrid” world is being built on action areas of up to 600 square meters, which are visible from afar with their four-meter-high HYBRID letters and are intended to inspire visitors with playful infotainment, relaxing feel-good lounges and hybrid test drives.

Due to the great demand from the past year with over 60.000 visitors and around 5.000 test drivers, all Toyota hybrid models will also be available for test drives in 2013. The new Toyota Auris Touring Sports, which will be launched on July 15, will of course not be missing: The youngest member of the popular Auris family is the first station wagon in the compact class, which is also offered with a full hybrid drive. The 100 kW / 136 hp combination of gasoline and electric motor reduces fuel consumption to 3,7 liters per 100 kilometers with CO2 emissions from 85 g / km. And that with unlimited space in the interior and up to 1.685 liters of luggage space.

In addition to the test fleet, there are other exhibition vehicles at every event location, where experts explain the innovative hybrid technology and how it works and answer all questions about the Toyota model range. The Japanese pioneer has the world's largest hybrid range: from the small Yaris Hybrid to the Auris and the Prius family to the Lexus models in the premium segment.

The Toyota Hybrid Roadshow 2013 will once again be supported on social media such as Facebook and Youtube as well as on the website The start of the tour marks the boating summer on July 26 and 27, 2013 in Kiel. The finale will take place at eCarTec, the Munich trade fair for alternative drive technology.

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Source: Toyota Press / 2013
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