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The good feeling

The biggest advantage of the Prius plugin is the “good feeling” you get when you drive with it. The idea of ​​being able to consciously use a pure EV mode, driving locally without emissions and otherwise being on the road with maximum efficiency in everyday life and even on longer journeys. It's fun too.

Once the Prius' batteries have been charged, you can divide up the electric driving pleasure using the dial button. The developers of the Prius had set themselves the goal of proving particular fuel efficiency in everyday life. Goal achieved?

EV buttons Prius plugin

Realistic consumption values ​​according to the "three-type method":

Everyday driver, without savings


Eco expert with the green toe


Field service with full throttle desire


All figures in liters on 100 kilometers

Prius plugin consumption blog article

Even on the highway thrifty
The biggest surprise for me was the fuel consumption on the highway. Thanks to its good cW value of 0,25, the fuel-efficient hybrid does not become a drunkard even on the motorway. In addition, the wide spread of his planetary gear helps him to keep the speeds of the gasoline engine low. Thus, fast motorway stages are feasible through out with less than 8 liters. This may also be celebrated as a success.

criticism courses
The first question is as always: When there are finally seats in Japanese cars, the Aufflagefläche not on the half of the thigh and their backs do not end below the scapula? The positioning of the seat heating switch under the center console also indicates that it was assumed that nobody would use it anyway.

Due to the cW value, the heavily retracted A-pillar and an extremely flat rear. A tube of sunscreen should be on warm days to travel luggage.

Prius Plugin Aschaffenburg Castle


  • Efficient drive
  • 100% positive eco-image
  • Reliable technology


  • Control elements scattered in the cockpit
  • Little feeling for the road
  • Enormous surcharge for the plugin version

For that you love the Prius plugin:

  • His clean eco-image and reliable technology


Prius plugin in the driving report album

You miss that on the Prius plugin:

  • The joy of driving, away from the savings successes



Comfort - 19 out of 25 points

  • Suspension empty:  4 of 5 points
  • Loaded suspension: 4 out of 5 points
  • Driving noise inside: 5 of 5 points
  • Standard equipment: 4 of 5 points
  • Assistance systems: 2 of 5 points

Driving behavior - 15 out of 25 points

  • Curve handling: 2 of 6 points
  • Stability V / Max: 6 out of 6 points
  • Driving pleasure subjective: 1 of 3 points
  • Acceleration: 1 of 4 points
  • border area: 5 of 6 points

Cost - 18 out of 25 points

  • Base price: 2 of 6 points
  • Options list:  3 of 6 points
  • Consumption: 6 of 6 points
  • Maintenance: 3 of 3 points
  • Depreciation: 4 of 4 points

Drive - 14 out of 25 points 

  • Running culture of the engine: 1 of 6 points
  • Acceleration: 2 of 5 points
  • maximum speed: 2 of 4 points
  • Transmission: 3 of 4 points
  • traction: 6 of 6 points

Toyota Prius plugin in the blog as a driving test

Total score: 66 / 100 points

Toyota Prius Plugin - The conclusion:

Anyone who drives Prius wants to save the world. That feeling of ecologically correct action. This concentrated competence and technical avant-garde around the drive system of the Prius makes the weaknesses of the economical Japanese into oblivion. Whether the huge surcharge of almost € 9.000 for the intermediate step between electric car and hybrid is really justified - everyone has to decide for themselves. The surcharge does not change the quality of the Prius either.

Prius Plugin, a car for do-gooders and those who want “others” to know how ecologically hip it is to be on the go.

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Many thanks to the car manufacturer for providing the test vehicle!

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