Toyota tests solar car - the Prius is filling up with sun

Toyota equips the Prius PHEV with powerful solar panels

The Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid makes its own eco-power. At first, however, only as a test.

Solar energy could make e-cars cleaner in the future. Toyota is now exploring the potential of photovoltaic cells and making the Prius plug-in hybrid test-ready to produce its own electricity from solar energy. The roof, the tailgate and the bonnet of the prototype used are covered with powerful solar cells, which have an efficiency of 34 percent and a rated power of 860 Watt. The energy they generate is stored in a battery and used to power the vehicle.

Toyota equips the Prius PHEV with powerful solar panels

Toyota has been using photovoltaic cells in the Prius for a long time, but so far they can only fill the traction power supply when the vehicle is stationary. In the prototype, this now works while driving. The future of technology is promising in the industry, and in the long term, solar energy could be used to power e-cars on a large scale. Small-series models such as the small car Sion from Sono Motors in Munich or the Dutch touring sedan Lightyear One already use this approach.

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