TÜV Report 2017 - The winners come from the state

Porsche 911 and Mercedes GLK are the winners in the 2017 TÜV report

The Technical Surveillance Association submitted its TÜV report 2017. Almost nine million main car inspections were included in the evaluations. Overall, the TÜV found fewer defects than in the same period last year. Models from German car manufacturers delivered particularly good results.

The results of the investigation were evaluated in the second half of 2015 and the first half of 2016. Pleasing: Compared to the previous year's report, the rate of significant defects decreased by 2,9 to 19,7 percent. By contrast, the proportion of vehicles with minor defects only fell slightly at 13,5 percent (13,6 in 2016). The TÜV evaluations also show that more and more vehicles are completing the HU without any defects. Here the rate was significantly higher at 66,7 percent compared to 63,7 percent in the previous year. As in previous years, the proportion of unsafe vehicles was 0,1 percent

The cars with the lowest defect rate are two vehicles from Swabian manufacturers. Mercedes GLK and Porsche 911 each have a rate of 2,1 percent of the significant defects. Last year's winner Mercedes B-Class came second this time, technology brother A-Class is in third place.

Accordingly, GLK, A-Class and B-Class also won in their respective classes. The winner in the middle class was the Mercedes C-Class. With the Mazda 2, a Japanese car had the least significant defects in the small car.

The worst odds this time came in the two- and three-year-old vehicles from Korean production. In the 2017 TÜV report, the SUVs Chevrolet Captiva with 11,0, Kia Sorento with 11,2 and Kia Sportage with 11,5 percent are the worst performers. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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