Unu electric scooter - generation 2 - chic and smart

The new Unu scooter is much more modern

With over 10.000 copies, the electric scooter from Unu has sold well in this country. Nevertheless, the successful model will soon be discontinued. For this comes a successor.

The digital cockpit can also display navigation hints

The Berlin electric scooter provider Unu ignites the next evolutionary stage in the summer of 2019: A new model is put into the service, which relies instead on retro charm and simple technology on a more modern styling and a series of innovations. However, compared to the currently available Classic, this innovation boost is accompanied by a sharp rise in prices.

A chic detail is the LED daytime running lights integrated in the headlights

Compared to its predecessor, the new Unu is characterized by a tidy, almost futuristic design. Conspicuous details include the integrated and thanks to LED technology effectively staged lights or the single-arm guided 11-inch rear wheel, which integrates a Bosch engine.

The Bosch engine is neatly integrated in the rear wheel

While in the Classic the basic version is only one kW strong, the new Unu sets off at least 2 kW / 2,7 PS. Alternatively, there are 3 kW / 4,1 PS or 4 kW / 5,4 PS. All variants drive a maximum of 45 km / h, however, allow the stronger engines a more entertaining start to top speed. The range of just over 80 kilograms Unu should be with an 1,8 kWh battery at 50 kilometers. The battery pack is located in a large compartment under the seat, in which two helmets can be accommodated in addition to a second battery. If a second battery is on board, the range doubles. The approximately 10 kilograms of power storage, the second battery costs the way 790 Euro surcharge, can be easily removed and charge to household sockets, which takes about seven hours.     

Under the bench, which offers space for two people, there is a large storage compartment

An important advance compared to the Classic is the connectivity technology and a digital display in the cockpit, where you can also display navigation information with the help of the Unu app. With the app and thanks to a Vodafone SIM card installed as standard, remote queries of vehicle location or battery capacity are also possible. Another feature is a smart-key feature that also allows micro-sharing. This allows the scooter without a physical key handover to friends or relatives.

The new Unu scooter is much more modern
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