USA West Coast for car enthusiasts

The west coast of the USA is a paradise for car fans and lovers of all kinds of gasoline-powered four-wheelers and two-wheelers. The eternally good climate lets oldies and two-wheelers live just as long as the desire for eight-cylinder and good “old-school” muscle cars. If you only have a little gasoline in your blood, you should write a road trip on the west coast on your to-do list.

USA west coast and then? Road trip destinations, tours and legendary places, all in one book.

Björn Marek worked as a motor journalist for twelve years before moving to ABT Sportsline, where he is now responsible for press and public relations. He also combined his love for old metal and the USA in a sideline: he imports US classics to Germany. And of course someone like Björn Marek knows the really exciting corners of the USA. For the west coast he now has the hot spots in his book: " USA for car fans: California and the west coast" collected.

An entertaining read and ideal preparation for the next trip to the west coast, Regardless of whether you are planning road trips, want to get to know the secret tips for car fans or are simply looking for the best burger sheds, Björn's book has a lot in store. And if it is not enough until Christmas, you can buy the book after Christmas as the basis for road trip planning!



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