Video: Road trip over 15.000 altitude

Road trips, a passion. Cars, a passion. The mountains, great cinema. When it comes to going on tour with 18 cylinders and almost 1.000 hp, petrolheads will probably find it difficult to keep up. It was the same with Can Struck and Sebastian Bauer. The two colleagues had the idea for a nice road trip. And there should be a decent video of that too.

It took a little while with the video and so far they only presented us with Part 1, but it was still worth the wait.

# thepluses2 - Route des Grandes Alpes

The clip for the road trip from and has been online for two days. And he's really good fun. Thanks to professional help with the subject of “filming” and “cutting”, the trip of the two was not only worth it for them - but now also for us. For those who couldn't be there.

18 Alpine passes with a roar

Sebastian and Can obviously had a lot of fun on the trip. Some of the pictures turned out really well. The clip brings a lot of the driving pleasure of the two over. When the drivers click on the paddle shifters and the women on the front passenger seat bob their heads rhythmically, nice to see :).

Thanks Sebastian and Can for the first 24 minutes of entertainment! 




PS: Why are my GoPros not mentioned in the clip? At least in a supporting role for unimportant, borrowed, probably not used equipment? Pah! 

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