VLN 2013 - The number 1 returns

With the seventh race of the season, the number 1 of the last VLN season is returning to the race track in the Eifel. LMS Engineering has replaced the Volkswagen Scirocco, which was successful last year, with an Audi TTRS2. As was to be expected, Andreas Lautner didn't just buy an Audi TT prepared by Audi, but put a lot of his own brains into the development of the five-cylinder front-wheel drive vehicle called TTRS2. After the classification of the TTRS in the SP3T led to discrepancies between the team and the technical commission - there is now at least a first race start.

Unlike the temperatures in the Eifel, the championship is now getting hot. Christoph Breuer and Elmar Deegener lead the team Manthey with the Wochenspiegel-Porsche with 43,44 points.

VLN 2013 manthey weekly mirror


As always, enjoying the race live on site is the BEST solution, for everyone else there are several live streaming options:

VLN live streaming 2013

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