VLN 2015: The cup classes in view

If you are interested in good motorsport, you will not get that VLN Championship past. This year there are ten races on the Nürburgring and its legendary Nordschleife. Ten races with an average of more than 150 vehicles at the start. In no other racing series is there such a great variety, so many vehicles and nowhere else are there more duels on the racetrack! Real motorsport is written “VLN”! Also and especially this year, in 2015!

The year started with a tragic development. In addition to the quarrels with which the N community has suffered for years, our motorsport also started this year with a tragic accident and the death of a spectator. And even if the VLN and the Nürburgring endure even more this year and have to do more than in previous years - in the end, motorsport counts on the ring! And it is operated by people! And even if the GT3 and the vehicle classes SP-X look the most spectacular and are among the fastest on the ring, there is a variety of racing drivers and teams that - without GIANT BUDGETS - give motorsport a touch of emotion and excitement put on the crown. We want the top teams from Frikadelli, Falken, Walkenhorst and Co. don't talk badly - but it gets really tight, especially in the “Cup classes” and that again and again!

CUP-Motorsport + VLN + Nordschleife = an unbeatable combination!

from left toyota gt86 start number 534

Toyota: Three one-make cup series are currently starting during the VLN at the Nürburgring. The Toyota GT86 Cup is currently the weakest and also the weakest vehicle in terms of horsepower in the Cup segment. But: The Toyota offers a lot of driving pleasure. Four-cylinder boxer engine, rear-wheel drive and a manual six-speed gearbox are the ingredients for the athlete. The Toyota GT86 are top racing vehicles and offer a motorsport entry that is possible on a manageable budget. 8 teams are currently in the ranking of the TMG GT86 Cup. The leading (Updated 22.08.2015) are from Team Dörr Motorsport with drivers Fabian Wrabetz and Arne Hofmeister with the starting number 534.

VLN run 5 season 2015 18 self-service media

Opel: With the Opel Astra OPC Cup, you start motorsports with front-wheel drive. Under the hood is a potent two-liter turbo engine that delivers good 320 PS and 400 Nm of power. The OPC-CUP currently has 13 vehicles in evaluation. Two to three drivers are registered on the vehicles! The Fritsche brothers are currently leading with the third driver Hannu Luostarinen on the starting number: #353.

We were able to drive the Opel Astra OPC Cup ourselves briefly, but not on the Nordschleife. Still, the experience is amazing! This is how the Opel Astra Cup (VLN) drives.

BMW: The BMW M10i Cup starts with just 15-235 hp more power than the Opel Astra OPC. In contrast to the Rüsselsheim-based company, the rear axle is driven on the BMW. The lap times of the fastest M235i (VLN6 - training times) are a good 9 minutes (9: 08.033) and thus almost 10 seconds faster than the Cup Astra. In contrast, the GT 86's lap time is just under 10 minutes.

As with the Cup Astras, the BMW Cup is run on uniform tires. The BMW M235i Cup opens Dunlop sports tires. The field in the BMW Cup series is currently also the largest in the VLN. With 25 entries, the BMW M235i Cup offers a very special race as part of the VLN races. Bumper duels are the order of the day, spins, crazy mirrors and target crossings every second are part of the “normal” VLN M235i-CUP program!



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