VLN 6-hours race at the Nürburgring

At 12 o'clock the start flag for the second highlight of the VLN season 2012 fell on the traditional race track in the Eifel. In addition to the 24 hour race, the 6 hour race is a popular festival for fans around the track every season.

A special highlight was the Schubert BMW Z4 GT3 with the "Yes, to the ring”Wrapping. With Claudia Hürtgen in addition to the gentlemen's drivers Posavac and Buchardt, the Z4 was theoretically well occupied. A confusing situation during training, followed by a slipstream overtaking maneuver, was responsible for a rather subtle sixth place on the grid.

Say yes to the ring - Schubert BMW Z4 GT3
Say yes to the ring - Schubert BMW Z4 GT3

The second Dunlop development team fared completely different: Because the ROWE Motorsport AMG SLS GT3 with starting number 7 was the lucky Schubert slipstream connoisseur and was able to secure the pole position with an impressive 8: 07.736 minutes.

In a 6 hour race the pole position is not the preliminary decision - similar to the 24 hour race. On the Nordschleife and the GrandPrix short connection, major and minor tragedies can take place within the 6-hour race distance. And the seventh race of the VLN championship also offered some of these twists.

Also affected by this, of all things, the Schubert BMW Z4 with the "Say yes to the ring " Race livery, at 15:22 pm the horror: Slowly driving on the GP track and finally rolling out. A “material defect in the manifold area” is named as the reason for failure. Because of concerns about the health of the drivers, the Schubert team withdrew the Z4. Exhaust gases could get into the interior through the broken manifold and thus endangered the driver.

Significantly more successful on this almost dry and sometimes even sunny day in the Eifel: The ROWE Motorsport SLS GT3.

Especially in the second half of the race, an exciting duel at the top caught the attention. The tension on the first 3 spots was apparently not yet enough for the weather god. Almost 20 minutes before the end of the race, he sent his greetings down in the form of rain showers at some points along the route. The teams and their drivers on the track would probably have preferred not to.

In the end, the ROWE Motorsport team not only prevailed against the weather god with his late rain humor, but also against the two Audi R8 LMS from the Raeder Motorsport and Phoenix teams.

The winning trio from the ROWE Motorsport team. From left: Michael Zehe, Thomas Jäger, Roland Rehfeld
The winning trio from the ROWE Motorsport team. From left: Michael Zehe, Thomas Jäger, Roland Rehfeld

The difference between the 3 teams that landed on the podium was particularly impressive after the finish. After 6 hours and 42 laps, there were only a good 90 seconds between the winner and third in the race. This is clear evidence of the quality of endurance sports in the Eifel. With the VLN, the Nürburgring continues to have one of the strongest and most exciting German motorsport series at the start. That is not the only reason why it is necessary to secure the future of the Eifel race track.

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What I have learned:

Mario Barth is no longer a racing driver. Luckily. He was probably a guest at the ring, I saw him several times in the box of Uwe Alzen and the “howler team”. When I asked casually whether he will be seen in the racing car anytime soon, there was a clear one “Nää”. Well, there doesn't seem to be much lost.

Disclosure: With the kind support of Dunlop! - Dunlop paid the travel expenses.

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