VLN: Tempo 50 in the box!

During the qualification race for the ADAC Zurich 24h race, the first experiences with the new safety regulations were gained. And it is clear that not all participants are convinced. As well as? A racetrack that redefines its uniqueness with maximum speed must be in a crisis of meaning.


Especially the tempo 30 regulation in the pit lane led to absurd scenes. Racing vehicles that were braked to 30 km / h with a slipping clutch and numerous speed violations showed the problem of this "play street restriction2".

After consultation with teams and drivers, the DMSB reacted again and improved the details in conjunction with the VLN and the ADAC North Rhine.

The speed limit in the pit lane is now set from 30 km / h to 50 km / h. In addition, the zone in the area of ​​the Döttinger Höhe, for which a maximum speed of 250 km / h is specified, has been expanded from the previous line item 200 to item 200a. All other measures remain unchanged and will be communicated to the participants of the second VLN run in detail during the driver briefings.


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