VOLVO Paparazzi - Take part and win!

Paparazzi are such an annoying thing for stars. These photographers always lurk where you can not use them at all and always on the hunt for the right, for the best, for an exclusive photo.

In the automotive industry, paparazzi are usually called Erlkönig hunters. Because the test vehicles of the automotive industry are called Erlkönige. Because a Erlkönig who rides, free from a ballad by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, in such a hurry and late, through the night and the wind 😉

Yes, and auto testers are always keen on darkness and hurry, because nobody should take pictures of the new vehicles before they are officially presented by the manufacturer. But stop - VOLVO Trucks is now turning the tables and challenging the paparazzi and Erlkönig hunters to a game!

Who will photograph the new VOLVO FM truck first and which photo will get the most “Likes”?

A brilliant advertising idea - which I would like to present here on the blog! I find this idea really successful and I would like the automotive industry to have similar ideas for us. I would already know who should drive such a Erlkön through the country 😉 - but that's another story.

Now quickly:

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