Preview Geneva Motor Show 2017 - Spring is coming

Geneva Motor Show 2017: Spring on wheels

And it starts. On the 9. In March, the Geneva Motor Show will open its doors.

Yes, it starts again. After the rather tired season opening in Detroit, the living room of the car industry lures again. The nicest, most stylish, most beautiful, coziest and noblest of all auto shows opens at 9. March the gates. This year, the visit can be worthwhile. If you are on exotics and over-exotics.

We do it by alphabet and we will not justify the lack of detail. Some manufacturers hold back with information. Others hit the timpani before. Here are a few photos plus some info. Just enough to buy a ticket online and make a pilgrimage to Geneva.

[videopress BRPO9uEN]

Aston Martin
The DB 11 is already known. It will take until the Volante comes. But in Gaydon the popular Q has been put to the machines. Q stands for customization at Aston and that is exactly what is being shown in Geneva.

In addition to the variants of the A5, i.e. Coupé and Cabriolet, the Ingolstadt-based company is showing an even wilder study on the subject of Q8. Audi believes that this is an elegant alternative to the robust presence of a classic sport utility vehicle. We think: If Bentley, Maserati and soon Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini can sell an over-SUV, then Audi also plays along.

From Crewe comes the Continental Supersports to Geneva this year. The Briton comes with rich 710 PS and a rear wing for the sake of down to earth in Switzerland.

Currently, the new 5er Touring is presented and that's exactly what the Bavarians are presenting in Geneva. In addition, there are a few highlights: Right at the forefront of the i8 in the exclusive Protonic Frozen Black Edition. In addition, BMW brings with it the new 4er.

Of course we are all waiting for the new Phantom, but it will be at the IAA. And the "All Terrain Vehicle" from Goodwood will be shown to 2018 first. That's why we expect one or the other variant of the Dawn, Wraith or Ghost for Geneva. When it comes to customization, the developers from Goodwood are always very diligent. So let's surprise ourselves.

Lucca is gone. But the show must go on. After the F12berlinetta and the F12 tdF comes now the 812 Superfast. 800 horses under the bonnet. We know Superfast. In the 6oer years there was a 500 Superfast.

From Stuttgart one expects the Panamera with the tail of a Shooting Brake or Kombi or whatever the four-door car should be called. In any case, the Swabians are holding back with announcements. What is certain is that you will see the Panamera Hybrid and the entire GTS fleet of the 911. And maybe in Geneva we will learn a little bit more about the project "Mission E".

Yes, the open Huayra will attract the masses. Everyone wants to settle down on the fine seats and take a look at the roof of the fair halls in peace and quiet, dreaming about the country's rural roads and the sun.

From Stuttgart comes the new E-Class as a convertible and a mountain goat in ermine coat for slack 600.000,00 Euro. The G-Maybach 650 Landaulet. The good piece is already sold out and that is exactly why a visit to the Mercedes stand is worthwhile.

Jaguar / Land Rover
From the British island come some exciting cars. The Jaguar iPace, so the electrified variant of the Jaguar SUV. 400 km range and a relatively short load time. He also looks pretty good. From Land Rover comes the brand new Discovery, a very exclusive variant of the large Range Rover and a new car called "Velar", which serves as a link between Land Rover and Range Rover.

The people in Woking have taken to the chest the V8, the machine that works in all the street McLaren, and worked on their performance. The engine is now a little stronger with 4 liter displacement. In Geneva, the British now show the second generation of their "Super Series", the successor of the 650S. We do not have any pictures yet, so we have a video here.

Facts about the motor show in Geneva:
Opening hours: 09. to 19. March
Monday to Friday: 10.00 to 20.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 09.00 to 19.00 pm
Admission: 16 Swiss Francs, children up to 16 years: 9 Swiss Francs
From 16.00, 50 percent discount on all local cards.


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