VW ID.3 - Load quickly and save for a long time

The VW ID.3 charges up to 125 kW on the quick charging station

The ID.3 must be a hit for VW, around 100.000 cars should roll off the assembly line in the first year alone. Among other things, an eight-year battery guarantee and a high charging capacity should help.

SP-X / Cologne. VW plans to produce around 100.000 units of the ID.3 electric car in the first year of sales, 2020. When looking for customers, the Wolfsburg-based company also relies on important decision criteria such as high charging performance and long guarantees.

In 2020, a total of 150.000 electric cars are expected to roll off the VW factories, as brand board member Thomas Ulbrich has now confirmed to the “Autogazette”. In addition to the 100.000 models on the new EMB e-car platform, 50.000 electrical units are planned on normal combustion architectures such as the E-Up and E-Golf.

However, VW has only released details of the ID.3 before the world premiere in the fall. The group recently gave details of charging performance, among other things. This should be up to 125 kW on DC columns - currently a top value below the premium league of Audi, Porsche and Tesla. However, the expensive competition is already a step further, and is likely to go in the direction of 200 to 350 kW. These high values ​​push the waiting time at the quick charging station into the minute range. With one of the future ID models, however, one would have to take a longer charging break for the foreseeable future.

In order to strengthen confidence in the technology among the e-car debutants targeted by the ID.3, VW has now also announced an eight-year guarantee on the energy storage. Accordingly, the battery still has a capacity of 160.000 percent after this period of time or kilometers traveled according to 70. With this offer, VW is roughly in line with the industry average. Initial experiences with older electric cars, however, indicate that the aging of the batteries is much slower in practice.

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