W205 - The first photos have appeared!

The first photos of the new C-Class from Mercedes-Benz have appeared on the Internet. Stolen? Or maybe just launched skillfully to continue to spark interest? Who can judge that in the end? At this point I remember the cleverly packaged Erlkönig photos of the AMG-A-Class at that time. Be that as it may, my blog searches a lot for the W205. So now here too:

The new C-Class 2014

I already had it in February Computer retouching by Theo in the blog presented, now with the new photos is clear - Theo was completely wrong. But it is also clear that the new C-Class will be a stunner. A beautiful sedan in the notchback segment.

Mercedes C-Class 2014-2 Mercedes C-Class 2014-3 Mercedes C-Class 2014-1





While I personally currently only have these three photos from the depths of the World Wide Web, I was able to take the new one C-Class (W205) take a seat, The Daimler boys presented the interior of the C-Class as part of a technology workshop.

Now that the new C-Class already looks like a small S-Class from the outside, the interior has also been properly upgraded. Touchpad, tidy switch areas, head-up display and a new quality moves into the Stuttgart limousine.

The premiere of the new C-Class will be in Detroit (January 2014) - whether Mercedes-Benz will hold back with the original press photos for so long or whether there won't be more “leaks” soon - who can say that?


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