What a thriller! The VLN race number 8 at the Nürburgring 2016

Film-ready finish: Haribo-Racing celebrates second win of the season

The eighth round of the VLN endurance championship Nürburgring was ready for a film in several respects. Storyline number one: In a gripping finish, Kevin Estre and Earl Bamber in the Porsche 911 GT3 R from Manthey-Racing prevailed with a wafer-thin lead of 0,371 seconds against Uwe Alzen and Lance David Arnold in the Mercedes-AMG GT3 of the Haribo Racing Team. The joy of the victory only lasted for a short time, as the Manthey duo received a 35-second time penalty for overtaking under the yellow flag after the race. This left them only second ahead of Peter Dumbreck and Martin Ragginger in the Falken Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 R. Story thread number two was the battle for the championship. After seven consecutive class wins, Alexander Mies and Michael Schrey only finished third in the 48th ADAC Barbarossapreis in the BMW M235i Racing Cup. However, the captured points are enough for the two Bonk-Motorsport drivers to defend their superior top position in the table. Under normal circumstances Mies and Schrey can no longer take the title, the chances of the competitors are purely theoretical.

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Christian Krognes had achieved pole position in the qualifying session with a BMW M6 GT3 from Walkenhorst Motorsport powered by Dunlop with a lap time of 7: 53,375 minutes. Team partner Jesse Krohn took the lead after the start and defended it against the Haribo-Mercedes-AMG GT3, the Manthey-Porsche 911 GT3 R and the Lexus RC F GT from Dominik and Mario Farnbacher. The third member of the Walkenhorst driver team, the Swede Victor Bouveng, was no longer used because of an accident on lap twelve. The Farnbacher Lexus, which took the lead for one lap, retired prematurely after 14 laps when the vehicle caught fire during the pit stop. A mechanic who is being treated as an inpatient in the hospital with burns to his hands was injured.

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Leading kilometers were also collected by the Frikadelli-Porsche (Klaus Abbelen, Patrick Huisman, Norbert Siedler and Sabine Schmitz at the end of the sixth) and the Mercedes-AMG GT3 by Black Falcon, but with Manuel Metzger in round 18 in the Hohenrain chicane because of fluid the track (after a previous accident) flew into the track boundary.

"Watching the last laps in the pits was the maximum penalty for me," admitted Uwe Alzen. "That was an incredible finish." Team-mate Lance David Arnold added: "We did not have time to breathe today, we had to lap every lap." After winning the sixth race, the Haribo Racing Team not only celebrated their second win of the season, but also the third podium finish in a row. "This is a great success for our team," said Alzen. "We have worked for a long time and suffered a setback in the past two years. So much the better that it's going so well for us right now. "

Although it was not the victory to celebrate in the end, Kevin Estre showed relief. "I drove on the Nordschleife for the first time after my crash in the 24h race," said the Frenchman. "That's why it feels very good to finish the race successfully." Third-placed Peter Dumbreck was also satisfied with the performance of the 911 GT3 R. "Our team has developed the Porsche very well and we have taken a big step forward in the race the right direction. "

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Nico Verdonck set a new lap record in the Ford GT from H&R Spezialfedern. In the second lap, the Belgian lapped the 24,358 kilometer combination of a short connection to the Grand Prix course and the Nordschleife in 7: 58,558 minutes. With that he undercut the previous best time of Jens Klingmann, who in 2014 was the first driver to break the 7-minute mark with a time of 59,045: 8 minutes.

Mies and Schrey: unassailable in the lead, but not masters yet
Race number eight of the season was a tremendous match for Alexander Mies and Michael Schrey. After seven sovereign class wins in the BMW M235i Racing Cup, the streak of luck broke. Mies got off the track in practice and damaged his car. “Our BMW didn't get a scratch for seven races, and now this,” said Mies. The Bonk team did a great job and got the M235i to the start on time. Starting from position three, the duo fell back to the bottom of the field in the early stages: Mies had to stop on the track to readjust his seat. After that, he and his colleague started a brilliant race to catch up, which brought them up to third place in the Cup class, which was again strongly occupied with 20 vehicles. This means that after eight races in the championship, Schrey and Mies are practically unassailable in the lead. It would be theoretically possible for the pursuers to still dispute the title between them; With the previous average numbers in the relevant classes, however, this is only of a theoretical nature, so that Bonk-Motorsport will have its fourth VLN title at the end of the season.

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The victory in the BMW Cup class went to Heiko Eichenberg, who celebrated his second VLN class victory as a soloist in the M235i of the team Securtal Sorg Rennsport. Marc Hennerici and Moritz Oberheim again won the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing. Their sixth class victory also means the premature title win of the newly introduced this year Cayman Trophy. Meanwhile, Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert of the Toyota Swiss Racing Team have extended their lead in the TMG GT2016 Cup with their fourth class victory 86.

The ninth race of the season will take place in two weeks on the 8. October. The DMV 250 Mileage Race - hosted by the MSC Adenau - leads over the usual distance of four hours.

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All photos: SB-Medien, Stefan Baldauf, Guido ten Brink

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