What should you watch out for when renting a motorhome?

Anyone who drives backwards is almost always to blame

Vacation with the motorhome is becoming more and more popular, but not everyone has the necessary change to buy such a mobile. Vacationers who have not yet taken a vacation in a motorhome prefer to borrow such a mobile first to test whether they like this type of vacation at all. But what should you watch out for when renting a motorhome?

A boom thanks to Corona

If the pandemic has a winner, it is the caravanning industry because it is booming. The purchase price always depends on the size and equipment of the motorhome, but is usually several tens of thousands of euros. Unfortunately, even those who buy second-hand won't get a bargain. Borrowing is much cheaper, but additional costs have to be taken into account in addition to the actual rental price. The basic equipment, which for example includes cutlery, towels or, with some providers, even basic food, is usually already on board. A commercial landlord charges around 70 euros per day, a private landlord between 50 and 60 euros, plus any ancillary costs.

Rent only with fully comprehensive insurance

Probably the most important point when renting a motorhome is fully comprehensive insurance. Experts recommend a deductible, which can also be booked for a car, but it is higher for a motorhome. A motorhome drives differently than a car due to its dimensions alone. It can quickly happen that a branch or a wall is "taken away" when it is set back. Without a fully comprehensive insurance, the whole thing can get really expensive.

Always insist on an introduction

If you want to rent a motorhome for the holidays, you should insist on getting an introduction from both a private and a commercial rental company. The simple things are usually important, such as: Where can water be topped up or how is a new gas cylinder connected? Once on the road, it's a shame to have to spend the tight vacation time looking for the right answers.

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