What better not to do in the car ...

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Today we have put together a few things that shouldn't be done in the car. Can you drive a car with a plaster cast? Can you listen to loud music in the car? Can you drive a car hands-free? What about sex in the car? Is this allowed? Why not leave your hand on the gear selector lever? You can find out all this and much more now! Have fun with "What better not to do in the car!"

What better not to do in the car - with a cast or crutches behind the wheel?

Anyone caught driving in a car with a gypsum initially does not have much to fear. It looks different, however, when it comes to an accident. In that case, the insurance can determine the reduced driving ability and not take the full cost. The same applies to those who are traveling with crutches in the car. For that reason you should have a doctor certify the driving ability.

What better not to do in the car - listening to music?

Listening to music is basically not forbidden, but you have to a) hear all relevant ambient noise and b) do not distract the other road users either. Anyone who has not heard the sirens because of too loud music, can be held liable. The same applies to anyone who builds an accident because of the loud music. The same is true for the way with the headphones. The use of headphones is not expressly prohibited, unless you ignore the other road users (siren or horn).

What you better not do in the car - drive hands-free!

Everything that is not forbidden is allowed for the first time. Nevertheless, it should be clear to everyone that driving hands-free with a car will be a security risk for all road users. Should it pop, then it will come to legal problems. Therefore, we recommend, exactly as with the bike (the free-handed driving is prohibited, by the way), hands where they belong. 

What you better not do in the car - drive on the highway with a rear fog lamp!

The rear fog lamp may only be switched on with a view of below 50 meters. In this case, you can only travel at a speed of 50 km / h. Say, who is faster on the road (also due to the visibility), the rear fog lamp must not turn.

What you better not do in the car - sex in the car in public places!

Who the extra Kick the public needswill be asked to checkout quickly in Germany. So if you use the busy supermarket parking lot for your private enjoyment on a Saturday lunch, you have a good chance of getting caught. Otherwise sex in the car would even be allowed. Ideal case: remote location! The best place is where you can assume that nobody will come by at this time. If you are caught having sex in the car, you cause public annoyance and may be given a warning or a fine. There is currently a Tesla sex video - it goes without saying that you shouldn't have sex while driving, right? 

What you better not do in the car - put your hand on the manual control.

If a classic shift linkage is installed, the weight of the hand will lead to increased wear. In addition, as we have just learned, the hands belong to the steering wheel anyway.

What you better not do in the car - let the brakes slide downhill!

You do not do that! Who is afraid, should use the braking effect of the engine and down a gear. Always brake only briefly so that the brake does not run hot. In the worst case, such a brake can even catch fire after the mountain stage. You should not let the coupling loops. After the shift, the foot must go down from the clutch, because otherwise the wear increases as well. 

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