Transporting the Christmas tree correctly by car

Huge Christmas tree tied to the roof on a minivan

As every year, many drivers are asking themselves: How do I transport the Christmas tree home safely? Does the fir tree fit in the trunk or on the loading area or is it so big that it has to be on the roof? Many drivers are inventive in an emergency, but unfortunately the Christmas tree is not properly secured.

He has to be in place stay

The same applies to a Christmas tree, which applies to every load that is transported by car: The tree must be secured in such a way that it always remains firmly in place regardless of traffic behavior. Even a small tree can be dangerous if not properly attached. Crash tests at the ADAC have shown that if the car crashes at only 50 km / h, a fir tree weighing 30 kilograms flies over the bonnet like a bullet and becomes a deadly danger. If the fir tree is secured with lashing straps, however, it will remain on the roof of the wagon.

The tree right on the roof transport

If it is a large Christmas tree, the only thing left is the roof to bring it home safely. The car should have a roof rack for this transport, because the tree can do without it not attached properly. It is also important: neither Headlights, even the turn signals, the taillights or the license plate may be covered. If the Christmas tree protrudes more than a meter over the rear of the car, there must be a red cloth at least 30 by 30 centimeters in size at the top. When attaching the tree to the roof rack, only straps should be used with a valid seal of approval be used.

Expensive fines

Anyone who is on the road without the red warning flag and is caught must pay a fine of 25 euros. If the tree is not properly secured, it costs it is 35 euros. Anyone who endangers other motorists must pay 65 euros and in the event of an accident it is 75 euros and one point in Flensburg.

Image: Adobe Stockphotos

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