When hell freezes over - ausfahrt.tv and autobild.tv in a double pack

There are things that actually don't exist. For example, if the autobild uses a blogger and youtuber, just so that you can finally make a trick online.

: )

OK. It's not that dramatic. But the development is still exciting. Jan Gleitsmann founded the Youtube channel ausfahrt.tv together with Jens Stratmann a few years ago. Jan has been running the channel alone since the beginning of 2015 and his success is really impressive. Jan is now one of the most important automotive channels on youtube with ausfahrt.tv. The big players also had to recognize that this success on the online channel is not easy to achieve. Dennis Petermann is a real professional as the host on autobild.tv. Speaker training, long experience, but the credibility advance that “native Youtubers” receive is something that the “big ones in the industry” don't allow. Interestingly enough, an “amateur” was able to stock up on YouTube with more coverage than the professionals.

But now the two actors get along quite well. Dennis and Jan do not see themselves as competitors, they see themselves as “moving image professionals” and car freaks and so what had to come happened: The first joint review! ausfahrt.tv and autobild.tv present: “Porsche Panamera 4S Diesel - REVIEW”…!

And what does the critic say? It turned out really well. The two play very well together. A good sidekick is more than “gold worth” and such a video simply lives from the vitality of the moderators. A good team cannot be beaten by anything, unless - by a better team 😉 

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