Advertising: With Power Sound on the Road - Sound Module for Mercedes ML

ADVERTORIAL | The Lower Franconian Mercedes tuners CHROMETEC have developed an interesting sound module for the Mercedes ML W166, with which the driver can look forward to an outstanding sound experience on the go. The powerful sound system is by no means monotonous, but offers six different sound profiles that can be selected according to your own taste.

Logo with coat of armsThe sound of a diesel engine is perceived by many as rather weak. If you decide against the V8 engine when choosing a vehicle, you also have to do without a voluminous, deep sound. Not necessarily! According to the current trend report from Chrometec, a new tuning add-on in the form of a power sound module provides an impressive remedy. The Franconian tuning experts for Mercedes from near Würzburg now promise a sound for the ML W166 350 Blue TEC that is confusingly reminiscent of its 4,6 liter V8 counterpart. In addition to pre-installed sound profiles that can be switched on with a button, the sound volume can be individually adjusted. According to the driver's taste, how much impression the car should make. Not only the first-class built hardware is responsible for this, but also a sophisticated software package is used here. The model for the new technology was the active sound system from the pioneer Audi and its 6-cylinder biturbo engine. True to the motto "May it be a little more?", A powerful engine is not enough here, it should simply produce a rich sound. The Mainfranken sound module does a great job here, as the following audio sample proves:

Differentiated in sound, uncompromising in implementation

A differentiated sound thanks to a differentiated external noise module: this is how the Mercedes roars as befitting the asphalt. Whether in the middle of the city, on the highway or in open terrain. In contrast to the usual sound of the sports exhaust, the sound here is clearly full and just flexible to adapt. The sound profiles already available from installation can not only be varied in the sound profile, but also in the volume.
The exterior noise module is made of stainless steel, which not only shines chic, but is also characterized by its durability. A ready-made cable set is supplied with which the system can be connected to the CAN bus. The sound is then generated depending on the achieved speed.

chrometec-power sound module ML w166

Sound module also suitable for other vehicles

All components can easily be dismantled again after assembly. Especially in the case of a Mercedes with a leasing contract and an upcoming return or resale, the car can be restored to its original condition in an uncomplicated way. And because the whole thing is so practical and the sound so productive, the new sound module is not only available for the Mercedes ML W166, but also for some other models such as the Mercedes C-Class W204 or the SLK R172. Theoretically, the upgrade can also be implemented for other classes. Information on this and other tuning options for Mercedes can be obtained directly from the manufacturer Chrometec at

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