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The most important first: No, there are no winter tires to win. Not this year.

Winter tire myths questioned

Almost 80 percent of all motorists in Germany are of the opinion that winter tires are louder than summer tires. More than half believe that they have a lower ride comfort than summer tires and around a third believe that winter tires can be easily used in the summer. These are some of the results of a representative poll commissioned by tire manufacturer Goodyear Dunlop among 1.400 drivers in Germany, which were presented at a workshop.

Common winter tire myths:

Winter tires ...

... increase fuel consumption compared to summer tires
... are louder than summer tires
... can be recognized by the M + S identifier
... have a lower ride comfort than summer tires
... is not available for speeds over 210 km / h
... drive faster than summer tires
... still have sufficient grip even with a tread depth of 1,6 mm
... you only need to be in areas where there is more snow
... with low residual profile can be easily used in summer
... are not absolutely necessary for four-wheel drive vehicles

Of course, these are all just “prejudices, myths and misjudgments” with sometimes dangerous side effects.

In my article "It just depends on the length”I explained why the legal 1.6 millimeter minimum tread depth is not really sufficient. And in the article "Save on winter tires purchase”I have added up how much you actually save if you think that a winter tire doesn't have to be able to do anything special in our part of the world.

My colleague Lars Hönkhaus questioned further answers to the myths about winter tires in a video:

And now for the raffle

I want to know from you which tire was the premium tire "Dunlop Winter Response 2”Compared in the wet brake test?  A tip: You will find the manufacturer's name in the matching article. Here in the blog!

There is something to win:

  • Grand Prize: 1x 350 € voucher from AMAZON. In line with the upcoming Christmas season, there is a voucher for € 350 for purchases on AMAZON!
  • Consolation Price: 2x 50 € vouchers from AMAZON. If you do not hit the main lot and win the big coupon, you still have the chance to win one of two 50 € coupons.
  • For the very fast: The first 20 responses that arrive are definitely a Dunlop tread depth gauge:

Dunlop tire tread depth gauge


Please write in the comment field how you want to be notified. And the fastest participants should of course also enter their address so that I can send them the profile depth gauge.

Notes on the competition: Anyone over the age of 18 can take part, my wife and our dog are excluded, as are the employees of the Dunlop press department. The competition starts with the publication of the article. The competition ends on December 1st at 12 noon (Berlin / Europe time). The main prize will be drawn among all correct answers at the end of the competition. Two more lots are prepared for the two € 50 vouchers. The first 20 answers are given by a Dunlop tire tread depth gauge. The vouchers are virtual goods that are sent to the winner via email in the form of a pdf with code information. None of the submitted data will be resold to Porno-Kalle (oa). None of the email addresses sent in will be used for any marketing campaigns beyond the competition.

And now, good luck!




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