Future of the fuel cell car - no progress in sight

Toyota Mirai: Fuel cell cars will remain a rarity in the long term

With clean energy without range problems - that fuel cell car theoretically offers the royal route among alternative drives. But despite the often full-bodied announcements from many car manufacturers, technology is far from a triumphal march. According to a study by the analysis institute IHS Automotive, this could remain the same for a long time, as the automotive production industry paper has now reported.

A few fuel cell vehicles are already on the streets, but manufacturers like Toyota or Honda are unlikely to expand their production capacities very slowly in the medium term. For 2027, IHS Automotive forecasts a global production of only 69.000 vehicles with fuel cells. That might sound like a lot, but given the number of 114 million cars produced by IHS Automotive over this period, it would be a negligible amount.

In any case, there is currently no close-to-head race between purely battery-electric cars and the fuel cell car. For the time being, the battery car is clearly ahead, as shown by the production figures from Nissan Leaf or the information about the reservations for Model 3 received by Tesla.

If the fuel cell car should remain an early adopter product in the next two to three decades, the technology could totally flop, according to automobile production. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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