New car brands 2021

In 2021 the car offer will be more diverse: Various new manufacturers have announced their market launch in this country, especially with e-cars.

New automakers from China in particular are entering the market. They hope for success with inexpensive electric cars and new marketing concepts. “I think the attempt now will be more successful than the one we saw years ago,” says car expert Stefan Bratzel from the Bergisch Gladbach University of Applied Sciences, assessing the situation. "But it will still not be a sure-fire success for Chinese manufacturers."

Electric power from China

The plans are specific to, for example, MG. The traditional name of the former British sports car manufacturer now bears, among other things, the electric compact SUV ZS EV. The now Chinese brand MG offers the 105 kW / 143 PS electric vehicle from just under 32.000 euros. The battery holds 44,5 kWh, which is sufficient for a standard range of 263 km (WLTP). In parallel to the ZV, the EHS, a compact SUV with a plug-in hybrid drive, will be introduced in early 2021. Two more, much larger electric SUVs are to follow later in the year.

The Chinese are affordable

The Chinese manufacturer Lynk & Co., which is planning to launch the market in Germany in the spring, is primarily relying on a subscription model. The Volvo sister brand has been on the market in China since 2017; The first model is the compact SUV 105, available as a hybrid (140 kW / 132 PS) and plug-in hybrid (180 kW / 01 PS), which shares the technology with the Volvo XC40. Cost: 35.000 euros for the 01 hybrid, 42.000 euros for the plug-in hybrid or 500 euros per month, then insurance, taxes and maintenance are also covered in addition to vehicle use. Subscribers also automatically become members of a kind of club and can share their car with other club members - and earn money with it.

Internet goods from China

The sales concept of the Chinese manufacturer Aiways is also unusual: the electric mid-range SUV U5 (150 kW / 204 PS) can be tested at the electronics retailer Euronics and picked up after delivery. It is ordered on the Internet, from 35.100 euros. The 63 kWh battery is sufficient for 400 kilometers (WLTP).

More Chinese brands are coming to Europe

The Chinese brand Maxus wants to conquer the German market with electrically powered delivery vans. Initially, there are three models from 34.990 euros, two of which are electrically powered. As other Chinese manufacturers, Nio and BYD have announced their European market launch for 2021. Both want to bring their e-cars onto the market in the European model electric country of Norway first. At the end of the year, the US brand Lucid is planning to enter Europe with the Air e-sports car. And Hyundai's luxury offshoot Genesis plans to bring the G2021 sedan to Europe in 70.

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