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New Toyota Prius - now with plug

In terms of design and driving dynamics, the economical Toyota Prius has so far been difficult to convince German customers. The new edition has the potential to change that. 

From the streamlined economy vehicle to the dynamic part-time electric vehicle: in its fifth generation, the Hybrid pioneer Toyota Thanks to its sporty look and doubled performance, the Prius finally eliminates all fussiness. The brand icon has now celebrated its premiere in Japan and at the Auto Show in Los Angeles, and will be coming to Germany in the summer of 2023 – exclusively with a plug-in hybrid drive.

Aerodynamic The Prius has always been designed, in the new edition the bodywork trimmed for low wind resistance looks really chic for the first time. The basis is the second generation of the group's TNGA platform, which enables a flatter silhouette and a lower center of gravity. Although the overall length has shrunk by almost five centimeters to 4,60 meters, the wheelbase has increased by the same amount. As a result, the four-door car is much more solid on the road than it was last. At the front, in the brand's new design style, there are very narrow headlights, and the rear is characterized by a strip of lights.

The interior is mostly black. The instruments behind the steering wheel are designed as small digital screens, and there is another display in the center console, which is rather small by current standards. There are still physical knobs and switches to operate the air conditioning.

When it comes to the drive program, Toyota in Germany does without the classic Full hybrid drive, which was no longer available in the fourth generation - the economy engine is reserved for the Corolla, Yaris and RAV4. Instead, plug in under the hood Plug-in hybrid, in which a 2,0-liter four-cylinder works together with an electric motor on the front axle. Together they provide 164 kW/223 hp, around 100 hp than in the previous model. The electric range should also be roughly doubled. The manufacturer does not give exact distances or a standard consumption, but around 80 to 90 kilometers should be possible. The energy for this is in a battery that has grown to 13,6 kWh and is charged by cable or via the optional solar roof. Toyota promises up to 1.250 kilometers of free range per year.

The Japanese have not yet made any statements about performance and prices. The fourth generation, which is no longer available, ultimately costs around 40.000 euros, the new edition is likely to be more expensive given the longer range and higher drive power. German Prius buyers can no longer hope for government subsidies, since the environmental bonus for plug-in hybrids will no longer apply in the coming year. A purely battery-powered variant of the Prius is not planned.

Holger Holzer / SP-X

There is a light strip at the back

Toyota is relaunching the Prius

In Germany, the Prius will only be available as a PHEV

A solar roof is available as an option

The interior is becoming more digital

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